Camp during COVID-19??? I’ll be there.

I don’t know exactly what summer camp will look like this summer, but I do know that I need to be there. When receiving my Fall Update this October to mark my interest in returning to camp for Summer 2021, there were three options on the form. No, Yes, and Unsure. I don’t think I’ve ever filled out a form so quickly. My answer was immediate and my decision needed no debate, it was a yes.

I’ve been going to sleepaway camp for eight summers, and camp being cancelled in 2020 showed me that I wasn’t ready to give it up. Camp has been my favorite place ever since I stepped through the gates on opening day in 2013. I love the atmosphere. For me, camp is the one place that allows campers and staff to be their most authentic selves, and it is the place I am happiest.

Despite knowing that realistically, camp would not be able to happen last summer, I was absolutely heartbroken when the news was announced. While the choice to return as a counselor for this upcoming summer was easy for me to make, I know many of my friends in similar positions were weary. Camp is going to be different, and it’s scary to imagine your favorite place changing. 

While I’m expecting some major changes at camp for this upcoming summer, as I know COVID-19 will impact how camp runs, camp will still be the same special place it has been in the past. At its core, camp will be the same, just with masks, lots of clorox wipes, and small group activities. Wearing a mask and staying socially distanced may make it feel a bit different this year, but for me, anything is worth it to go back to camp.