Israel hosts esports world championship

Gamers from all over the world will flock to Eilat from November 16-20 for the 13th iteration of the International Esports Federation (IESF) World Championships.

This is the first time Israel will host the event, the largest iteration of the competition yet, which is expected to be watched by hundreds of millions of viewers around the world. This event has been in the works for years, since the 11th World Championships. At the time, Eilat had been slated to host the 12th iteration of the competition, but this was ultimately delayed due to the corona pandemic. The competition itself was ultimately held online.

Now, however, the long-anticipated world championships are finally here.

“It is amazing that we finally reached this point in time where we can show Israeli hospitality to the world,” explained Ido Brosh. “Gamers from 71 countries all over the world are coming to Eilat. I’m super happy and excited about it and I hope we enjoy it.”

Brosh is head of the Israel esports Association (IESA), the Israeli representative organization within the South Korea-based IESF. In addition, he also sits on the IESF’s board, the first Israeli to do so.

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