Karlinsky wants YOU to join in the action: Trivia, Jackbox, and Rocket League. Plus: Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

Hanukkah may be over but that’s not the end of the December fun for Lost Tribe and our community. Jewish people don’t just have eight crazy nights and then call it quits — we have Shabbat! Every. Single. Weekend. 

Shabbat is a great time to escape the everyday struggles of schoolwork, exams, and work meetings to do something different with great people. This weekend, we have two big events planned to keep the Lost Tribe community connected throughout the rest of 2021. 

Lost Tribe Fest: Saturday, December 18 — 8-10 PM EST

Lost Tribe Fest is an exciting way to celebrate Shabbat together as a community. It’s the perfect way to chill with old and new friends — and maybe a bit more moolah. 

Know a lot of semi-pointless trivia? Use it to win over $100 of prizes at Lost Tribe Fest! We will be hosting a trivia contest and Jackbox session where you can finally prove that knowing random Renaissance painting names and comic book superhero powers is actually a very, very important skill. 

We will be pairing up participants for the trivia portion of Lost Tribe Fest, giving the community an opportunity to connect with someone new. Maybe you only know Pokémon names and your partner only knows the elevation of the tallest mountains in the world… But imagine the power you will have when your knowledge is combined. Imagine the prizes you can win! You will be unstoppable! It’s your time to kvell without shame! 

Going into 2022, Lost Tribe Fest is going to get even bigger. Said Ethan Karlin, Lost Tribe’s Marketing and Strategy Administrator: “Lost Tribe Fest is going to evolve into a global activity for everyone to engage with. There will be more musical guests, more giveaways, and more ways to participate.” 

But for now, hang out with Lost Tribe friends and win gift cards! Join the event on our Discord! There are loads of us hanging out there, waiting to prove how much we know about random things. 

Rocket League Tourney: Sunday, December 19 — 4 PM EST

Wait, there’s more!

Looking to show off your more competitive side? Don’t know the name of every Stephen King novel? We have an event for you this upcoming weekend as well! 

It’s free to join our Rocket League tournament, Sunday, Dec. 19, and all skill levels are welcome. All Lost Tribe community members are free to participate. The tournament will run on Lost Tribe’s Discord server. We will have duos competing in a private lobby. 

Oh, and we have prizes! The winners will receive a video game, a gift card, or Lost Tribe merch worth up to $60 — their choice. Second place will get $30 and $15 will go to third place! There will also be further prizing, provided by the San Diego JCC Maccabi Games, who are sponsoring this event. 

The JCC Maccabi Games is an international athletic competition for Jewish teens, sort of modeled after the Olympics (but Jewish, of course), with Jewish teens from all over the United States, Israel, Great Britain, Mexico, and Canada. In the summer of 2022, the Games will be held in San Diego, and our friends at JCC Maccabi are offering credit toward participation as prizes to the winners of Sunday’s Lost Tribe Rocket League tournament:

  • 1st Place: $500 credit
  • 2nd Place: $250 credit
  • 3rd Place: $125 credit

So you can essentially play soccer virtually as a car. And then play soccer IRL. This is a lot of soccer. Meanwhile, you can compete with other Lost Tribe members and hang with them on Discord. 

All you have to do is fill out this form to register! Then check in at the #event-info channel on Discord 30 minutes before the tournament begins. We’re excited to see you there, even if it’s to cheer on the competitors! 

Lost Tribe is having a pretty epic weekend. Get used to it. Our community and our events are only going to keep growing in 2022…