Pop Star Noa Kirel Is Making Statements with Her Fashion and Music

This music video has 17 million views but you may have never heard of it. That may change soon, however.

Noa Kirel is a 21-year-old pop star from Israel and most of her songs are in Hebrew — but that hasn’t stopped her from becoming an international sensation. She signed with Atlantic Records in 2020 — the biggest deal for an Israeli artist despite only being 19. But Kirel was already viral at 14 thanks to the song “Killer” and later “Pouch.”

Her pop songs have become massive hits thanks to their catchy hip-hop inspired beats and K-pop-like vibes. She has also become a bit of a fashion icon thanks to the unique clothing she’s sported in her music videos.

You may start hearing about Noa Kirel even more now. The Israeli pop star was the first artist selected to compete in Eurovision 2023 after winning “Best Israeli Act” five years in a row at the MTV European Awards. She arrived in Germany to represent Israel after her most recent win.

But the role model and pop star didn’t just want to be known for her spicy songs. She recently showed up at the European MTV Awards wearing an outfit covered in Kanye West’s face as well as gold chains with the Star of David and Chai symbol.

It was immediately shocking to see the Israeli singer wearing clothes with Ye’s face after he made threatening and antisemitic tweets targeting Jewish people very recently. But that’s exactly why Kirel had showed up in the controversial clothing: she wanted to send a message.

According to Kirel, the outfit was “a fashion item with a message for the whole world; an item that signals that I am both Jewish and Israeli. We have been experiencing a lot of antisemitism, especially in light of Kanye West’s statements. I am proud to be an Israeli artist who represents Israel in the world.”

Many Israelis and Jews have praised Kirel for making such a strong statement at a time when so many people have been afraid to speak up. She has followed the fashion statements that other Israeli celebrities have made on red carpets and continued to spread a positive message about shutting down hate.

Kirel has certainly come a long way from her early days trying out for a children’s talent show on TV. In fact, she became a judge on the same TV show years later! Kirel’s songs, interviews, and social media post center around loving yourself and empowering women.

And her music career has only just begun.