Nosh Or Noise? McDonald’s Israel — The Lost Tribe Review

McDonald’s is probably the most popular fast food chain in history, with around 38,000 locations all over the world. Over 13,200 of them are in the United States, coveted by late night snackers and road trip takers for the juicy, cheesy Big Mac — but condemned for the almost-never-working McFlurry machine. But did you know that McDonald’s is also big in Israel? And that the McDonald’s in Israel are actually better than the ones here?

The first McDonald’s opened in Israel in 1993, located at the Ayalon Mall in Ramat Gan. There are now over 200 McDonald’s located throughout the country, all with a menu quite distinct from the ones we are used to. There are potato wedges dipped in cold mayo, corn nuggets, and a lot of “premium” sandwiches that gave our very own Jake “Offy” Offenheim a good chuckle while he was there.

You may be wondering why someone would travel all the way to Israel just to eat at a McDonald’s, but the general consensus is that Israel’s version is better and worth trying at least once! And Offy was up for the task.

He got a classic burger (no cheese of course), fries, and McNuggets. His thoughts?


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McDonalds Burger: US

The United States was ruled to have a better burger than the Mickey D’s in Israel for a few reasons. First, the patty itself just didn’t look too appetizing. That is already a bit of a bummer. The kosher patty itself was also a bit lacking in flavor and there was no cheese for it to hide behind. To make up for the cheese, however, the burgers in Israel have cool toppings like mushrooms and onion rings. They also have unique sauces, including one called Texas Sauce, which Offy found tasty despite not really knowing what it was.

McDonald’s Fries: Tie

Instead of going for a unique side, Offy decided to stick with the classic. Fries are usually the best part of a meal at McDonald’s when they are crispy, warm, and have just the right amount of salt. They were even better when they were fried in beef fat, but they are still very addictive all the same. To Offy, the fries were “legit the same.” So if you’re ever craving McDonald’s fries in Israel, you’re in luck.

McDonald’s McNuggets: Israel

The nuggets in Israel blew our version out of the water. Offy noted that they “actually tasted like chicken.” They were also a bit crunchier on the outside than the dried out nuggets in the United States. This is not a surprising outcome, since the chicken products at the Mickey D’s in Israel are known for being good quality. Israelis love chicken so it only makes sense. To me, it’s worth going to the McDonald’s in Israel for juicy, crispy McNuggets made with real chicken alone.

Offy didn’t report back about trying the McFlurry, but I’ve also heard the options in Israel are quite unique. They have seasonal flavors like pistachio that seem refreshing and delicious after a salty, greasy burger. Israel’s version of McDonald’s is also big on healthy options, so you’ll find plenty of salads and grilled chicken.

So is it worth going to McDonald’s while you’re in Israel? With so much good food to try, it’s hard to say. I personally wouldn’t seek it out, but if I ever happen to walk by one I will most definitely walk in for some McNuggets.