The Best Cities To Visit For Your (Niche) Interests

cities to visit for niche interests

We usually travel to experience a place’s culture and food, or maybe for a specific event. But have you ever traveled for a super specific reason? We have put together a list of US cities that are perfect for your specific niche interest so you can be amongst fellow fans and explore your passions in a city made for you! Here are some favorites.

Esports fans — Los Angeles, California

Do you follow a popular League of Legends team Split to Split or dream of cheering on your favorite Street Fighter player in a hype crowd of fellow fans? Esports has never quite become the cultural phenomenon it was once believed to be but it’s still a massive hit with loyal fans all around the world.

As one of those fans, I can say without a doubt that there’s nothing quite as special as attending a live esports event with other screaming fans and feeling that electrifying energy while watching teams compete on a massive stage with booming surround sound every time a hit lands. Seriously.

In Los Angeles, I have attended Call of Duty League grand final matches, Super Smash Bros. majors, Capcom Cup finals, Apex Legends and Overwatch tournaments, LCS matches, and more. I’ve also gone to esports organization HQs. Or even just watched esports matches on the TV at board game bars.

Look into when an esport event you like comes to Los Angeles and find out what else is happening that weekend, from fan tailgates, team meet and greets, after parties to arcades, watch parties, and more!

Comic Book Nerds — Austin, Texas

Do you love playing Dungeons & Dragons or going to comic book stores to pick up the latest issues and debate superhero lore with locals? Austin is a top destination for comic book lovers thanks to the amount of game and comic stores around the city, including I Luv Video if you want an independent video game store or Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy for cosplay pieces and comic collections. There’s many more small comic shops mixed in whether you play Magic the Gathering, love board games, or need a chill space for reading comic books.

On top of ongoing local shops, there are also events happening all year you can plan your trip around. This includes the Greater Austin Comic Con, which is a massive gathering for fans of superheroes, video games, fantasy, and comic books alike.

Music Lovers — Denver, Colorado

Live music is constant in Denver! There are nine music festivals in Denver throughout the year that take place at spots including old school theaters like Bluebird Theater and jazz bars like Dazzle. A favorite spot is the Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre, an astonishing experience for live music lovers thanks to how it’s set up and its colorful and iconic history.

On top of the live music — both concerts and bands at bars — there’s incredible record stores all over Denver. Twist and Shout is an independent record store that’s been around since 1988. Its history includes in-store concerts by the likes of Elvis Costello and you can send hours in its aisles of vinyl records.

Museum Lovers — Washington DC

The capital of the United States is also home to the most museums of any city in the country. There are 74 museums in Washington DC that will appeal to just about everyone. This includes everything from National Museum of American Jewish Military History and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to the International Spy Museum and the National Geographic Museum.

I have been to Washington DC and have to say the abundance of museums in such an historical and well-kept park-like area is quite the destination. There’s nothing quite like it. The sense of importance will leave you feeling in awe at the architecturally stunning buildings, home to some of the most impactful pieces of human and natural history.

Book Worms — Seattle, Washington

Seattle is one of the best places to visit if you love books old and new. There are 120 bookstores (29 of them independent and 3 of them for rare book collectors) and 32 public libraries. One of those libraries is the Central Library, which has been awarded for its book collection and architectural design. On the other side of things are places like Ada’s Technical Books and Cafes, perfect for geeks that want a safe and nerdy space to enjoy. Seattle Reads is a book club that may also give you some ideas and connect you with fellow book lovers.

Vegan Foodies — Portland, Oregon

Portland has an incredible amount of unique food options and many are vegan. Whether you’re into pizza, bar food, comfort food, healthy food, or Asian food, you’ll find vegan versions in Portland. There’s also plenty of sweets and baked goods for dessert!

Mis Tacones has all vegan tacos and burritos, Kate’s Ice Cream has vegan versions of your favorite flavors, Dirty Lettuce specializes in southern comfort food gone meat free, and Boxcar Pizza serves up Detroit-style pizza. The possibilities are endless so start making a list of places to try so you don’t get overwhelmed!