First Lost Tribe IRL Stream Spreads Love For Yom Ha’atzmaut

Lost Tribe’s online Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration counters hate with love.

Yom Ha’atzmaut is Israel’s Independence Day, celebrating the establishment in 1948 of the Jewish State. In Israel, Yom Ha’atzmaut is traditionally recognized with outdoor parties, food festivals, dancing, and fireworks. For the past three years, Lost Tribe has observed Israel Independence with three days of online celebration, giveaways, and games. 

This year is different. With celebrations curtailed or canceled in Israel due to the war, and virulent anti-Zionism on campus, in the news, and across social media, we decided to level up our celebration to five days, including a two-day, in-real-life (IRL) stream with our cast members in New York City. Our crew streamed live from the Big Apple, where they toured Times Square, Central Park, and a half-dozen Israeli restaurants, while interacting with young Jews around the world — who poured over 5,000 messages into the live chat. 

Broadcast simultaneously on Lost Tribe’s Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram channels, the event attracted 8,835 viewers globally for a joyful expression of love for Israel and solidarity with Jews around the world. 

“In a year that’s brought so much hate towards Israel and the Jewish people, it felt especially important to celebrate Israel’s Independence Day with our community,” said Spencer Solomon, Lost Tribe content creator and director of marketing. 

“At Lost Tribe, our goal is to uplift the hearts and minds of Jewish teens while connecting them to the Holy Land — and last week’s celebration did exactly that. It was incredible to celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut with our followers and show them that there is a large community of Jewish people online that are proudly celebrating their Jewish identity and Israeli culture together.”

A survey of participants on the Twitch channel revealed that:

  • 95% have a positive view of Israel and Israelis
  • 80% have made a friend through Lost Tribe channels and activities
  • 68% would not have observed Yom Ha’atzmaut without Lost Tribe’s stream

The Yom Ha’atzmaut stream was all about bringing people together with smiles, love, understanding, and food.

Lost Tribe can’t change the world overnight, but we can change how Jewish teens experience it. Our Yom Ha’atzmaut livestream was all about making people laugh, connecting teens from Israel, the US, and beyond, and sharing what is so special about Jewish culture and Jewish people. And we did it one bite of shawarma at a time.