Lost Tribe Hanukkah: 8 Days of Giveaways is back and BIGGER than ever! 

It wouldn’t be a Lost Tribe event without insane giveaways! Starting on Dec 18th, we are giving away over $7,500 in prizes — and all you have to do is WATCH TO WIN. Each night, we will be celebrating Hanukkah by hosting a livestream on our Twitch channel — playing different games, making music, and hanging out with your favorite influencers and the Lost Tribe Cast! 

Every 10 minutes you watch our stream is another entry into the giveaway of your choice. We have a Nintendo Switch, a PlayStation 5, sports tickets, Lost Tribe merch, and more! You can save up all of your entries for the one prize you want or enter every day! 

Check out the schedule below to see what prizes we are giving away and when you need to be watching. 

On top of the watch to win prizes, we are giving away a BRAND NEW Macbook Air. Head to our Macbook Air giveaway to complete the objectives and maximize your chances of winning! Spread the word by sharing this special holiday giveaway with friends and family. The more participants the more funukkah©! 

There are even MORE giveaways happening in our Discord throughout the event, so make sure you are constantly checking in there to see how you can win! Head to our #Hanukkah-Hype channel to send in pictures of you celebrating at home with us! Send your latkes, candles, and jelly donuts and participate in our worldwide Hanukkah celebration!


  • WATCH TO WIN: The longer you watch, the more tickets you can buy, and the more you have a chance to win.
    • PS5
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Xbox Series S
    • Oculus Quest 2
    • Tickets to the home game of your choice
    • Jersey of your choice
    • iPad 10.2
    • Airpods
    • JBL Flip 5 Speakers
    • Giftcards
    • Brand New Lost Tribe Merch!
    • So much more!
  • Enter into our Grand Prize Macbook Air Giveaway by completing the social media objectives here!


Day (all times ET)EventGiveaway
Sunday 18th
(Night 1)
7-10 pm
Kick off show

Lost Tribe Championship Series FINALS
Oculus Quest 2

Lost Tribe Merch
Monday 19th
(Day 2)
12-3 pm
Valorant Stream3 x $25 Gift Cards of Your Choice
Monday 19th
(Night 2)
7-10 pm
Pass The Rock Palooza

*Sponsored by Dude Cards 
Jersey of your choice

Tickets to a home game or concert

Lost Tribe Merch

2 Dude Cards Sets
Tuesday 20th
(Day 3)
Discord Event:
Full Court Miracle Watch Party
Tuesday 20th
(Night 3)
Fight Night with Veggymama

Brawlhalla and Multiverses
Apple iPad

Lost Tribe Merch
Wed 21st
(Day 4)
Settlers of Catan Stream
Wed 21st
(Night 4)
Influencer Game Show Night

(Jewperdy, Family Feud, Jackbox)

Dude Cards

Lost Tribe Merch
Thursday 22nd
(Day 5)
10-12 year old Fortnite tourney
Thursday 22nd (Night 5)
5-10 pm
Bubba Nesh

Lost Tribe Fall Guysukkah Invitational 
Lost Tribe Merch

Nintendo Switch
Friday 23rd
(Night 6)
7-10 pm
Clip Challenge

Overwatch 2 Stream

Lost Tribe Merch
Saturday 24th
(Day 7)
1-4 pm
Football Watch Party (Discord)
Saturday 24th
(Night 7)
7-10 pm
Music Night:
Live Offy Concert

Name That Tune

Music Trivia

Desert Island Draft
Lost Tribe Merch

JBL Speakers

1 Year Streaming Service

5x 50 Amazon Gift Cards
Sunday 25th
(Night 8)
7-10 pm
Offy Valorant Stream

Wrap Up
Macbook Air (Gleam)


Lost Tribe Merch