Lost Tribe’s Purim Kick-Off happens on Saturday, March 12 at 8 PM EST. The Purim Party will be hosted by DJ Order 66 on Twitch. For every 10 minutes you party, you’ll earn 10 points that can be used towards tickets for any of our amazing Purim Palooza giveaways throughout the five-day celebration. 

Don’t stay up too late partying with us, though… Sunday, March 13 is our Fortnite Tournament! Bubba Nesh and Offy will be hosting this stream from 2 to 5 PM EDT. The duos tourney will take place in Bubba’s custom lobby (join our Discord to find out how to get in!). First place is $100 for each player! There will also be an Oculus Quest 2 giveaway going on, so tune in for the action! 

Get creative with our Minecraft Creative Build event, hosted by Offy on Monday, March 14, from noon to 2 PM EDT! Then tune in to our March Madness Bracket Show and Trivia stream later that night, starting at 8 PM EDT on Twitch, hosted by Lost Tribe’s Pass The Rock podcast hosts. Join us for a chance at a $25 gift card if you think you know enough about, well, things. All the things. You could win an Apple Watch SE just by tuning in, and watching to earn giveaway points! Play along in our Discord. 

Tuesday is pretty chill. We’ll have Lost Ark and VALORANT on our Twitch from noon to 2 PM EDT. Lost Tribe influencer Qveen Julia will be competing in Wii Sports on a stream starting at 8 PM EDT. Watch her play to not only be entertained but gather points for our giveaways. Oh, and to hear the Wii Sports music — it’s worth it for that alone. Join our Discord video chat during the stream to show off your best moves. We can compile the best Wii Sports dances for a TikTok — no dancing experience required. It’s for the memes. 

We’re closing Purim Palooza in a big way on Wednesday, March 16. At noon EDT, watch Jesse, Offy, and some mystery guests play Settlers of Catan. There will be rivalries. There will be secret alliances. There will be tears and victories. Then Wednesday at 8 PM EDT is our Rocket League tournament, hosted by Offy. The Gleam giveaway is an Xbox Series S or an iPad 9th Gen — whichever you desire! 

Lost Tribe Fest Purim Kick Off
Saturday Mar 12th
8-9:30pm ET
DJ Order 66Purim PartyAirpods
Sunday Mar 13th
2-5pm ET
Bubba and OffyFortnite Tournament (Using Bubba’s Custom Lobby)1st place: $100/each

Oculus Quest 2
Monday Mar 14th
12-2pm ET
OffyMinecraft Creative Build!
Monday Mar 14th
8-10pm ET
Pass The RockMarch Madness  Bracket Show and Trivia4x $25 gift cards for winning Trivia

Apple Watch SE
Tuesday Mar 15th
12-2pm ET
Madness  (Sova)Lost Ark and Valorant
Tuesday Mar 15th
8-10pm ET
Qveen Julia Wii SportsSwitch
Wednesday Mar 16th 12-2pm ETJesse (joined by Offy, and mystery guests)Settlers of Catan
Wednesday Mar 16th 8-10pm ETOffyRocket LeagueGleam Giveaway – Xbox Series S

iPad 9th Gen.

See you on the stream! And Happy purim!