Join us for TzedakaThon, a 12 hour continuous stream to raise money for charity! We’re partnering with influencers, streamers, and other non-profit organizations to bring you a full day of programming while raising money for Ukraine Relief through the Jewish National Fund. See some of your favorite influencers, play in a Fortnite tournament, or test your knowledge with sports trivia, and so much more! We’ll have tons of giveaways too, including gift cards, an Xbox, and a PS5! It all starts at 10 am ET on Sunday, July 24 at!


To get involved, click the DONATE button below. All proceeds from TzedakaThon 2022 will support Ukraine Relief through the Jewish National Fund. Jewish National Fund-USA affiliates are on the ground at the Ukrainian border and in Israel helping refugees find safety – both emotionally and physically. 


  • WATCH TO WIN: The longer you watch, the more tickets you can buy, the more you have a chance to win.
    • $25 Amazon Gift card
    • $50 Switch Gift card
    • Tamagatchis
    • Jersey of your choice (up to $125 value)
    • Xbox Series S
    • PS5 (Gleam Giveaway)
  • DONATION PRIZES: Each dollar donated also counts as a raffle ticket for another set of giveaways. Just click the DONATE NOW BUTTON above to earn tickets!
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Oculus
  • INCENTIVE PRIZES: Prizes and items we will give anyone who donates a certain amount. Just click the DONATE NOW BUTTON above to earn these rewards!
    • Social Media Shoutout ($5)
    • Lost Tribe Shirt ($25)
    • Jesse or Podnuh draft your fantasy football team ($50)
    • Game one-on-one with Liz ($50)
    • Get a coaching session by an Immortal Player in Valorant ($50)


10:00-10:15 amWelcomeEitan Levine
10:15 am – 12:00 pmValorant Stream
Words and Marbles on stream
Qveen Julia
LT Offy
$50 Nintendo Switch gift card
12:00-2:00 pmSNACKSSS Kickoff FIFA 22 EventSnacksss
2:00-3:00 pmChallah Bake Challah Back Girls
LT Offy
3:00-4:10 pmPass the Rock Palooza
Fantasy Football Previews
Community Tier Lists
LT Podnuh
Zach Zeaman
Jack Borok
Jersey of Your Choice
($125 Value)
4:10-5:00 pmCoalition of Parents in Esports
Knockout Stream
Coalition of Parents in Esports$50 Nintendo Switch gift card
5:00-6:00 pmBest of Lost Tribe
Cxmmunity Clip Challenge
Eitan Levine
LT Offy
LT Threeofhearts
6:00-8:00 pmBubba’s Pokemon AuctionBubba Nesh
LT Izzy
Pokemon Cards
8:00-9:00 pmJewish or Antisemitic Eitan Levine
Kyle Gordon
Jacob Kaplan
9:00-10:00 pmJackbox with Influencers
Grand Prize Giveaways
Eitan Levine
Kyle Gordon
Jacob Kaplan
LT Offy
LT Threeofhearts
Challah Back Girls
Bubba Nesh
Lil Yarmulke
LT Noa
PlayStation 5 Grand Prize
Nintendo Switch
Xbox Series S
Oculus Quest 2