LOST TRIBE is using NEW MEDIA to reach a new generation, helping Gen-Z find the connection to Jewish life that speaks their language.

MISSION: Lost Tribe brings Jewish life to a vast and vulnerable Jewish community:
teens who are not being spoken to by the current Jewish communal
ecosystem. Leveraging social networking, influencer culture, and the virtual
engagement platforms teens use every day, Lost Tribe embeds the next
generation in a vibrant Jewish community and network of peers.

VISION: No Jewish teen left behind.

WHY NOW: Lost Tribe is on the frontlines with our teens across North America and in Israel. The war for hearts and minds around Israel and the conflict with Gaza is raging and social media is its most intense and impactful battleground. 

Here is how we are making an impact:

SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram and TikTok

  • Lost Tribe is fighting back – we reach tens of thousands of Jewish teens and bring them dialogue about Israel and antisemitism from a GenZ perspective, as well as positive Jewish and Israel content EVERY DAY
  • Once they follow us, the algorithms behind TikTok and Instagram start feeding them more Jewish and Israel-positive content

DISCORD: Lost Tribe’s Online Interactive Jewish Community – Over 7,000 Members

  • Lost Tribe’s 24/7 online teen lounge is the only moderated safe Jewish space of its kind online 
  • Kids are connecting with Jewish peers and Israeli teens there — as well as with our trained staff — literally around the clock

Lost Tribe is at the forefront of the digital metaverse, engaging with Jewish teenagers exactly where they are. 

The recent attacks in Israel and the surge in antisemitism globally have underscored the urgency of our mission to act, educate, and empower! Thanks to supporters like you, Lost Tribe is able to fight back – reaching tens of thousands of Jewish teens, bringing them positive Jewish and Israel content EVERY DAY.

We need your support TODAY to grow and scale our Israel-positive social media campaign and welcome more teens into our safe online spaces.