Lost Tribe is pointing the way to a more connected Jewish future.

We bond teens to Jewish peers and identity by building safe Jewish spaces online and growing audiences around positive Jewish and Israel social media content.

Lost Tribe gives teens entry points to Jewish life that resonate for them, then nurtures powerful Jewish connections. We’ve built an online community around content creation, social media, gaming, influencers, youth culture, and more. It’s an authentic and inclusive space where teens can find their own Jewish friendships, explore Jewish identity, and hang out with Jewish teens from the U.S., Canada, Israel, and around the world.

In the pre-teen space, Lost Tribe designs and delivers Jewish educational and Israel programming in Minecraft, providing counselor-led, immersive experiences for kids age 8-12 in a medium they love. 

Driven by young staff and interns, Lost Tribe and our community of thousands of teens are rethinking Jewish engagement, identity, and education for a new generation.

how It works

Social Media is the lifeblood.

Several times a day we give over 50,000 teens and young adults a positive Jewish connection, right in the palm of their hand, through content like this on our social feeds. Lost Tribe posts on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter cast a wide net and have been viewed over 32 million times since 2020. 

TikTok: the most versatile tool to engage Jewish teens.

TikTok is a game-changing medium for finding and engaging a Jewish audience — as well as for sharing content that entertains, resonates…and has impact. Like Lost Tribe’s “TikTok Purim Spiel,” which has been viewed 28,000 times and counting, as well as our “Israel-positive” content offering windows onto the vibrant and creative culture of contemporary Israel.

Reinventing Jewish education…in Minecraft.

We immerse children ages 8-13 in ongoing, counselor-led, virtual Israel travel and Jewish learning built around Jewish holidays. Whether building sukkahs, visiting the Kotel, protecting Masada, or snorkeling in Eilat, our programs bring kids together in a shared digital space — from the convenience of home — to play, explore, learn, and create together. 

A brand for Jewish teens, based on what they like best.

Youth culture revolves around content creation, gaming, podcasts, fashion, music, movies and streaming events — and so does Lost Tribe, offering teens a safe space to connect over their passions with Jewish peers from around the corner and across the world. 

Influencer culture: Engaging Jewish teens through people they admire

We engage popular Jewish influencers from North America and Israel, connecting their millions of followers to fun and positive Jewish role-models and to Lost Tribe’s community.  

Massive online gatherings on Twitch to celebrate Jewish holidays and values 

Our livestreamed events have brought together over 15,000 participants to celebrate Shabbat, Yom Ha’atzmaut, Hanukkah, and more as well as raising money for charity in our TzedakaThon marathon events.

Lost Tribe Athletes: Inspiring, college-age role models for Jewish teens

Jewish athletes are amazing role models. Our network of over 120 NCAA college athletes support each other and join our livestreams, sharing with teens their experiences juggling academics and sports, and in often being the only Jewish member of their teams.  

Discord: Our 24-hr, 365-day global teen lounge 

Hundreds of North American and Israeli teens are connecting every day on Lost Tribe’s Discord platform, an online communications hub that has grown to nearly 5,000 members. Interacting on a daily basis, the friendship s they build and insight into how other Jewish teens live can be life-changing.  

our goals

Lost Tribe was founded to help the next generation find a relationship to Jewish identity, community, and peers worldwide that resonates to them. We focus on providing entry points, communications channels, and programming for teens who may have disengaged from Jewish life post bar/bat mitzvah. We listen to our community, has grown dramatically since we launched in 2019, and constantly innovate to design platforms and opportunities for them to enjoy and engage, along a path to:

  • Having more Jewish friends
  • Feeling connected to Jews around the world
  • Better understanding Israel – beyond the headlines
  • Engaging with Jewish personalities and role models
  • Participating in events around the Jewish holidays, and built on Jewish values like service and giving

It starts with building community by and for the next generation — on their terms. And opening doors, along the way, to greater Jewish awareness, knowledge, behaviors, and friendships that will impact them positively for life.