Generation Esports and Lost Tribe Esports Partner to Highlight Female Competitors and Improve Inclusivity

Now, this is excellent news! Lost Tribe Esports, a Jewish youth organization, has partnered with Generation Esports. The goal is to help promote diversity in esports, something that is direly needed, now perhaps more than ever. So with that in mind, Lost Tribe Esports is being integrated into the GenE online tournament platform, alongside their high school and middle school esports leagues. Diversity and inclusivity are needed right now, so they’re going to highlight some excellent female competitors.

Generation Esports will be sponsoring Lost Tribe’s all-girls GamePigeon 8-Ball Tournament to celebrate this new partnership. The tournament goes down on July 28 and is just one of several collaborations between the two groups in 2020 to offer fun, communal esports platforms for our young gamers. Things don’t have to be toxic to be competitive, and it’s a lesson that should be learned as early as possible.

Lost Tribe Esports has become the first community organization to partner with Generation Esports, and will have access to the tournament platform GenE is known for, alongside any community support they need to keep things supportive and friendly. They’re seeking a toxicity-free environment. We wish them the best of luck on that.

This latest event is the GamePigeon 8-Ball Tournament and is only to female-identifying competitors. They hope to improve visibility for female esports players in their teens, as well as varsity players.

“Gaming is about bringing people together in the name of fun and in these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to promote respect, positivity, and fair play among today’s youth,” said Mason Mullenioux, co-founder of Generation Esports and HSEL. “That’s why we’re proud to collaborate with Lost Tribe Esports, which shares our mission to build supportive communities.”

This is not the first event that Lost Tribe Esports has run alongside Generation sports. They’ve also hosted Fortnite, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, NBA 2k20, Madden 20, Minecraft Survival Games, and GamePigeon 8 Ball tournaments. On top of that, it has been several tournaments per week, so they’ve already got synergy and experience working together.

“We are creating a contemporary esports environment that is, both simultaneously and distinctly, Jewish,” said Lenny Silberman, founder and CEO of Lost Tribe Esports. “Our gaming rules are guided by Jewish values, encouraging teens to reach a higher level of ethical behavior, greater sportsmanship, and a deeper sense of compassion toward one another. Creating a safe and inclusive gaming space is paramount to everything we do, ensuring that all teenagers feel welcome to participate. The Generation Esports team has been a critical partner of ours along this remarkable journey.”

As a Jewish gamer who did not grow up with this kind of inclusivity in a Jewish community, it’s wonderful to see. Seeing people come together for friendly competition, without being jerks about it is something esports could use. There’s a difference between a little trash talk and racial slurs.