Lenny Silberman On Esports, the Power of Sportsmanship, & Roberto Clemente

Lenny Silberman is the CEO and Founder of Lost Tribe ESports. He is the former Vice President of Program Services-Continental Director of the JCC Maccabi Games, CEO of Henry Kaufman Camps and Director Emma Kaufman Camp. Lenny’s work and accomplishments have been game changing in the Jewish Community worldwide, for kids, teens, and families.  Lenny has built a lifelong career around coaching, sports and summer camp. He has created transformative programs that engage multiple generations, advance personal growth and deepen community involvement, particularly nurturing positive Jewish identity in young people through sports and camp.

On today’s episode. Lenny and I talk about where his career began, how he has helped tens of thousands of kids develop tools for living, for being a good person, and for understanding the importance of community, through team sports. We touch upon his famous mantras AKA Lennyisms, we talk about his game changing programs, Days of Caring and Sharing and Rachmonas Rule.  Lenny talks about his most recent career move into ESports and how his new company, Lost Tribe ESports, is uniting teens around the world in these quarantine times. Of course we discuss Lenny’s personal health and fitness goals and as an avid sports fan, one of his role models and favorite baseball players, Roberto Clemente.

Lenny has devoted his career to young people and his belief in the power of sports and recreation experiences to transmit values. He is on the board and has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Israel Sports Center for the Disabled in Ramat Gan (Israel),  raised the funds to build them a fitness room. He was selected to represent the JCCs of North America as a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee. He served on the USOC for 14 years. Lenny has received recognition from the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, theWestern Pennsylvania Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, and the National Council of Youth Sport