TzedakaThon is Lost Tribe’s annual fundraising event – focused on teens and causes that they care about. Tzedakah is an important part of Judaism and with a big break between holidays, it is the perfect opportunity to create our own. This year, we will be hosting our 3-week live-streamed event on Tiktok Live and Twitch. 

Tzedakah is a Hebrew word meaning “righteousness”, but commonly used to signify charity.  This concept of “charity” differs from the modern Western understanding of “charity”. The latter is typically understood as a spontaneous act of goodwill and a marker of generosity; tzedakah is an ethical obligation.

This year’s donations as a part of TzedakaThon will go to support the Jewish non-profit Keshet. Keshet works for the full equality of all LGBTQ Jews and their families in Jewish life. They strengthen Jewish communities. They equip Jewish organizations with the skills and knowledge to build LGBTQ-affirming communities, create spaces in which all queer Jewish youth feel seen and valued, and advance LGBTQ rights nationwide.

Donations for TzedakaThon 2023 can be made in several ways. You can watch a live stream on TikTok Live or Twitch and donate directly through those platforms. Or you can donate using the button below. Again, all proceeds will go to Keshet and, in turn, the Lost Tribe community will rally around the idea and practice of tzedakah.

This year’s schedule: