Lost Tribe Esports and BBYO Teens Look to the Future in Dallas

Lost Tribe Esports partnered with BBYO and Mavs Gaming (the Dallas Mavericks’ NBA 2K Esports League team) on a fantastic Leads Day event, attended by over 120 teens as part of BBYO’s 2020 International Conference.

The event, highlighting career opportunities in esports, was held at the Mavs Gaming Hub, a state-of-the-art gaming pavilion in Dallas’ Deep Ellum district. Lost Tribe Esports assembled a panel of leading professionals, including Jordan Sherman of GenG Esports, Justin Varghese of DreamHack, and Trey Johnson, Jourdan Kerl, and Isaac Arrington from Mavs Gaming.

The panel shared their individual paths to working in the esports field, addressed questions from teens, and then split up into six breakout sessions to go deeper into their respective areas of expertise.

Avid gamers may dream of becoming professional esports athletes or streamers, but the Lost Tribe Esports/BBYO Leads Day panel showed teens there are many paths to success. A love of gaming can be a springboard to host of careers in the esports world, including business development, marketing, broadcasting, social media direction, and event management.

Moreover, the teamwork and communications inherent to gaming today build skills that better position young people for success in any field. The advice the esports panelists shared — follow your dreams, work hard, build networks, and don’t be afraid to take chances — will serve these teens well as they grow into the leaders of tomorrow’s Jewish community.

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