Ben Simmons is Not Good.

LTE Shaw

On the scale of freezing cold to third degree burn, this hot take may send you to the ICU. Ben Simmons is not good. I don’t mean he’s not a top 5 player in the league. I mean, he isn’t a top 25 player. Don’t you hate it when the best player on your team is barely a top 50 player in the league! I get it, he’s a 12-foot point god. He can guard 1 through 5 (if the 5 is my mom) and he games (shoutout Faze Simmo!) But superstar!? This dude hasn’t averaged 17 points in a season yet! 17 points! I am literally laughing out loud while typing that. You know who averages more points than him? Marcus Morris, Jaren Jackson, Derrick Rose, Terry Rozier, Kelly Oubre, Danillo Gallinari, must I go on? 

This guy is supposed to be the hero who brings the 76ers to the NBA Championship? LOL. Next, you are going to tell me that Joel Embiid is a superstar. Oh he is? Haha I must have forgotten because he only plays 50 games a year. I mean, that’s like saying if Greg Oden wasn’t so injury-ridden, he would have been better than KD by now. I guess so? I’m getting off track. This isn’t a blog about the 76ers being disappointing and overrated. I really like Tobias, J Rich and Horford. Great role players. It’s a shame their “superstars” don’t crack my top 25. This is a post about why Ben Simmons is overrated.

My favorite comparison to Ben Simmons is Magic Johnson. Yes, top 10 player of all-time, Magic Johnson. The guy who made 323 more three pointers than Ben Simmons in the 1980s (I wish I could capitalize 1980). Don’t get me wrong. I think in the right situation Ben Simmons could be really useful. If he was like the third or fourth best player on the team, he would be lethal! Unstoppable! What a team. They would go 6 games AT LEAST before losing to Lebron in the playoffs. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Ben is going to come back next year, make 0.7 threes per game and lead the 76ers to a three seed behind the Raptors and the Bucks. Well, four seed I guess because the Celtics are there. Actually, the Heat are only going to get better too so the five seed seems more realistic. The Pacers are in trouble now! Still don’t believe me that Ben Simmons is overrated?