Will Lebron EVER pass Jordan?

Everyone in the world knows that Lebron’s goal in the NBA is to become the Greatest of All Time. There will never be an undisputed champ until Luka retires but in the meantime, Lebron has a few (3) accomplishments left to at least win over some of the haters. The half nelson that has been strangling Lebron’s career has always been his lackluster NBA Finals record. A mere 3 and 6 record is the argument Lebron stans have been berated by the past 10 years. A stat that is utterly ridiculous considering his opponents (and his teams, save the 2011 NBA championship) but I digress. In a perfect Lebron world where his finals record is unblemished, Lebron’s stats make him the GOAT. He is a better all-around player than Jordan (I feel like Harry Potter saying Voldemort), a better teammate than Jordan, and STATISTICALLY, a better player than Jordan in big games (by a large margin). 


LebRoN CaN’t ShOoT FreE ThRoWs?

In a world where free throw percentage makes you the greatest player of all time, Steph Curry takes the throne and Jordan washes Lebron in the ranking. However, that stat doesn’t tell a chapter of the whole story and in all reality, if Lebron could hit free throws at Jordan’s clip, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. The point of the matter is, in an individual comparison, team accomplishments aside, Lebron James reigns King. That being said, in a team sport, you have to consider how you contributed to your team’s success. Lebron has always been the reason for his team making the Finals. 

Now what happens in the situation that this Lakers team wins the next three finals? Lebron will have 6 NBA Championships, 12 (HOLY %$&$) FINALS APPEARANCES, and assuming no digression (this is enough to make him the GOAT), stats that blow Jordan out of the water. In my opinion, WHEN Lebron reaches 6 NBA Championships, he is the GOAT. 

What Will the Haters Say?

What will the haters say? Well, they will say that Anthony Davis was the best player on the team. They will say that he still lost 6 NBA Finals. They will say that Jordan didn’t even make his high school varsity team (LOL). They will say whatever they can formulate to put down Lebron’s accomplishments and dethrone the King. But us true fans will know. We won’t argue. We won’t have to argue. We have Lebron’s stats to stand behind. You can’t change the mind of someone who doesn’t want to change. Those who say no one will ever be better than Jordan aren’t worth your time. Someone will be. Will it be Lebron? Possibly. We will find out in the next 5 years. 

LTE Shaw