Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Fortnite

Maybe I was addicted to Fortnite

I’ve been playing Fortnite for a long time now. I’ve had dark moments where I have lost myself in the game for months. I have taken time off to reflect and am now in a good, controlled place. Throughout my experiences I have learned many things. Here are 10 life lessons I’ve learned from Fortnite.

1. The more you play the better you are.

This lesson may seem obvious however for whatever reason people tend to forget it! People want to be good at everything. They believe that they should have natural abilities and don’t need to practice in order to get good. They start a task, are not as good as they want to be, and quit the task. If you want to be good at something, YOU HAVE TO GRIND.

2. If you wander off on your own, don’t expect somebody to come save you.

You made this decision. If they were in a battle, you would not have been able to get back to them. Why would they come save you? When you need your boys, remember where you were when they needed you.

3. The journey is what makes it exciting.

There are two ways to approach Fortnite. One can go to a deserted town, loot the city for 10 minutes and ride the storm circle to the final moments. Or you drop tilted (figuratively; rip Tilted Towers) into the warzone, leave it all on the battlefield and make it out with 6 kills and a great story. The choice is yours. Just remember which was more fun.

4. Your health is the most important thing you have in life.

When you run out of health the game is over. There are moments in the game where you want to do something but can’t because you are limited by your health. Take your health seriously and it will allow you to have a lot more fun in life.

5. He who stays calm in the pressure of a battle, comes out on top.

For this one, do as I say, not as I do. There are moments of intense battle where I literally freak out. I forget how to act, start shooting everything but nothing at the same time, and switch between my inventory recklessly. I lose these battles 10 times out of 10. The player who is most calm will win the battle. Remaining level headed will give you more time and better results. Every time.

6. Sometimes it is better to die (figuratively) with your buddies than play alone.

Us Fortnite players have all been there. You and your partner get split up early in the game. Your buddy gets killed and now you are all alone with 85 people left. You decide to avenge him. You manage to do so but are now left with 75 people on the map. What to do now? For those of us who love the camaraderie that goes along with Duos, the choice is easy. Build a staircase to the sky and pray they have chicken wings in heaven.

7. In order to succeed, you must fail.

The best Fortnite players win 10-20 percent of the time. THAT’S PRETTY LOW! This means they lose more than 80% of the time. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t give up. Embrace a loss. Statistically speaking, it means you are one game closer to win. Well, actually assuming that every game is independent of one another that may not be true. I’m not a stats junkie so I’m not really sure. Let’s assume it is correct for the sake of the argument.

8. Your boys will steal your loot if it benefits them.

You just put the whole team on your back and killed the enemy squad. They had gold rocket launchers and purple scars. Jackpot. Except your teammates got there first. They took everything. You yell at them through the mic to give you something. They drop you a blue SMG. %$%$.

9. Dance parties are awesome.

It doesn’t matter if you are with your boys or just some randoms. An impromptu dance party is always fun.

10. He who has the gold has the power.

Ever get in a battle with insufficient weaponry and have gotten eliminated immediately by their gold scar? Get used to it. That’s life. If you come to the gun fight with a knife, the results are written in your blood. Don’t be surprised. Be better.

– LTE Shaw