Middle School Esports League Week 1 Update: Sam Litman gives Lost Tribe an early lead!

Week 1 was a great success for the Minecraft team. In a “Hunger Games” style competition, Sam Litman (a.k.a. WIR3Z_Fierce) came in 1st place in the first game and 2nd place in the second. This is a great start to our season and will give us a leg up putting us atop the leaderboards in week 1! Coach LTE Offy attributes his team’s success to his hands off coaching approach. “I allow my team to take care of business. I don’t like to micromanage them, allowing them to express their skills on and off the field. Players succeed when they make their own decisions and the results speak for themselves!”

Our Rocket League team lost it’s first series 3-0, but got better every game! When speaking to reporters, LTE Jesse said, “They put up a truly valiant effort. One of the players on the other team is a diamond level player. He was better than me! We learned a lot in our first contest and we will definitely be back and better than ever next week.” 

Our Fortnite team is currently undergoing a transformation and due to preseason injuries and Shabbat-related conflicts, it remains to be seen if the LTE Fortnite team will be able to compete. Coach LTE Shaw said to the media, “It is a real shame that some of our players can’t play but it is understandable as Shabbat definitely comes first.” He then turned directly to thee camera and said, “If you are in middle school and good at fortnite message me on discord! We will be the best middle school team in the history of MSEL!!” 

Stay tuned for more updates as they happened. Only at losttribeesports.org

(MSEL is the Middle School Esports League, giving middle school aged kids an introduction to the competitive videogames scene with the ability to represent their schools at a national level. Lost Tribe Esports works closely with HSEL, the parent company, and they have allowed us to field a team for those who are unable to through their schools.)