Mellowship – Album Review

Mellowship’s self-titled album is their second album released, filled with beautiful melody, harmony and chord progressions. I personally know the singer Noah Hershkop, which is how I learned of this band’s music. They have a very interesting sound combining electric synth elements with some nice crunchy guitar.

There is something very raw and nonchalant about the music while also fairly complex at the same time. They blend a plethora of styles from funk to rock to psychadelic music and do so in a way that makes you think that maybe rock music isn’t dead.

My personal favourite of the songs has to be The Fault in Me. In the chorus, the guitar plays a sugary sweet riff that I CANNOT get out of my head. I am excited to see where these guys go because I know how talented they are and with some polishing can be huge.

You can follow them on instagram @mellowship_music. On instagram they use old school cartoon and movie visuals to complement the amazing music to really get the whole experience.

I’d love to know what you think of them! Send us a DM on instagram to let us know.