Rocket League and RLCS X


Many people may not recognize the name Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (SARPBC). Originally released on October 9, 2008, it took until July, 2015 for it to be re-introduced under its better-known name, Rocket League. Today Rocket League is leading the way in esports, having entered free-to-play this past September.


Rocket League is an online multiplayer game where each team races to score the most goals. The professional scene is played with three players on a team. Rocket League’s ranking system ranges from bronze to grand champion. After players at the highest level formed teams to compete competitively, the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) was born.

The first RLCS, in March of 2016, had a prize pool of $55,000. The top players back then would only equate to about diamond level today, in terms of their skills; the trick shots and mechanics emerging over the years have made the play pretty intense. 


The championship series is now in season 10, also known as RLCS X. RLCS X represents a new approach to competitive Rocket League. Three splits make up a full season – Fall, Winter, and Spring, with each split featuring three regional events for both North America (NA) and Europe (EU). Each of these events begins with a qualifier open to everyone, but only the best of the best teams make it to the actual regional. The teams that make it through fight for first place, with $100,000 at stake at the regional level. At the end of each split is a major, one for each region – NA and EU. The total purse for each major is $250,000. 

The 2020 Fall Split featured a 32-team tournament format. Winter and Spring will feature 24- and  20-team tournament formats, respectively. These tournaments lead to the Rocket League RLCS X World Championship, with a prize purse of $1,000,000. 16 teams enter from EU, NA, Oceania (OCE), and (South America (SAM) to fight for the title of RLCS X Champion. The total prizes of all events leading up to and including RLCS X add up to more than $4.5 Million!


A critical element of RLCS X is The Grid. The Grid is a weekly circuit that brings the top teams in Rocket League to compete for grid points, prize money, better seeding, and even a spot at majors. Each split consists of nine weekly tournaments. Points gathered based on your ranking determine your seeding for other RLCS events. At the end, the team with the most points qualifies for the major of the split. At the end of each split, the top ten teams keep their spot, while the bottom six fight for final positions. 


This is an entirely new format from last year, and it should make for great competition. Teams will have to play at their best at all times, as every match matters. Teams will either win to stay and have a chance at the championship, or lose and have another team take their spot. 

Rocket League is all action! So be sure to tune in to Rocket League on Lost Tribe Esports Twitch… and for major RLCS events, keep an eye on ESPN2.