Lost Tribe Instant Classic: Joshperson & Nemesis Vs. Zyfin & Vizee

The Lost Tribe Esports Fortnite Duos tournament on Sunday, November 29th was an instant classic between some of the most decorated members of the Lost Tribe community.

Zyfin and Vizee, both 2x Lost Tribe Fortnite champions, teamed up to take on two-time champion Joshperson, and his partner Nemesis, the only three time Fortnite champion in Lost Tribe. Nemesis is coming off a solo tournament win in which he completed an epic 15 elimination comeback win against his now partner, Joshperson.

The tournament consisted of three games. Nemesis and Joshperson jumped out to an early lead after game one with 85 points, while Zyfin and Vizee sat in third place with 41. During a pivotal game 2, Zyfin and Vizee combined for 10 eliminations and secured the victory royale to give them a one point hold of first place heading into the third and final game. With the score 118-117, every knockdown counted in what was a down to the wire finish. Nemesis and Joshperson brought their “A” game, and were able to take down Zyfin and Vizee with a dominating 12 elimination victory royale to secure the Lost Tribe tournament crown, winning by a score of 198-137.

With this win, Nemesis earned the honor of becoming the first and only 4x Lost Tribe Esports Fortnite Champion, and Joshperson bounced back from his second place finish to secure his third Fortnite championship.

Zyfin, Vizee and the rest of the Lost Tribe community will be seeking revenge during the next Fortnite tournament on Monday, December 28th.