What’s up at Lost Tribe!?

We are nearing summer 2021 and the Lost Tribe train is picking up steam! Since Spring 2020 a lot has changed. In June of last year, Lost Tribe launched our Twitch channel with our very first Fortnite tournament. Since then we have grown from 0 to 1300 followers and logged nearly 500,000 hours of watched streams. Our Tik Tok has blown up to 15,000 followers, over one million likes, and comedic gold. We have partnered with over 140(!) Jewish organizations around the world and have Lost Tribe members on every single continent (Antarctica doesn’t count!). Our Discord has grown from 400 to over 2,500, we have logged hundreds of thousands of texts, voice chat hours, and created some pretty amazing, genuine friendships. As the weather begins to heat up this summer, so is the Lost Tribe community!

What to look forward to this summer!

Lost Tribe Worldwide

We have a BUNCH of exciting news and events coming up in June. Lost Tribe has gained interest all around the world and we want to make sure all of our friends, not just North America, get to be a part of the fun. Starting this summer, we will be hosting events for Jewish teens in Australia, Israel, South America and beyond. We will be hosting international nights where everyone can continue to make friendships across continents, breaking boundaries never before broken in the Jewish community. Lost Tribe is for everyone, no matter where you are, and we want you all to know that we appreciate you. 

Lost Tribe Championship Series

Lost Tribe will be hosting its first-ever professional event on June 13, as we showcase a group of Supersonic Legends of Rocket League in a battle for the ages. This event is only the beginning of the Lost Tribe Championship Series, a series where the best gamers in esports face off competitively for the Lost Tribe community to watch! We will be hosting it on our Twitch so don’t miss out! Shoutout to our very own Chordify, for helping us put together such an awesome event. More info to come in the near future!

Come Join the Fun!

The Lost Tribe party is only getting started and everyone is invited! Check out our Discord, follow us on our socials, play in our events, and invite your friends! We can’t wait to offer you more opportunities in the future. We always welcome suggestions and feedback on what you want to play, watch and see at Lost Tribe, so please let us know! The door is always open.

Much love,
LT Shaw