Lost Tribe Esports Content Creator, Noa Solomon, Stars in New Film, “Generation Wrecks”

Noa Solomon has become one of the faces of Lost Tribe. As a prominent member of our Jewish Content Creators Network, you may recognize Solomon’s bright smile and bubbly character from Lost Tribe content, particularly on TikTok. However, her online presence just got bigger, with the debut of the 19-year-old’s recent movie. Generation Wrecks (2021) is Solomon’s second film, and her first with a prominent role. 

The movie, set in the 90’s, is a teen comedy about eight former friends that go to a cabin in the woods after one of the girl’s brothers dies. On the trip, the diverse group reconnects and grows closer than ever before. Screening in film festivals across the country, Generation Wrecks is a heartwarming coming-of-age film that is a must-see for all ages, allowing some to reminisce on times past and others to relate to their current dramas.

Solomon attended a performing arts school from 6th to 12th grade. Victoria Morales, the film’s co-writer, and Solomon’s long-time friend, wrote the role of Brittney Pratt with Noa in mind. 

“I like to think of Brittney as an exaggerated version of myself in some ways: she’s bubbly, outgoing, and energetic,” said Solomon.

Noa auditioned and scored the role in the spring of 2019, and filming began that summer. With much of the cast heading off to college in the fall, the cast and crew filmed the entirety of the movie in just two and a half weeks. Living in a cabin much like the one of the film’s setting, the cast became incredibly close, building love and trust that is visible both on and off camera.

While Solomon says the entire experience was amazing, her favorite part was getting to do what she loves alongside one of her best friends. Solomon has been close friends with Violet Prete, who plays Rebecca in the film, since sixth grade, and said it was incredible to experience something like this together. 

The film is a significant step for Solomon’s career and helped reconnect her to her love for acting. She is a sports broadcasting student at the University of Wisconsin, but filming Generation Wrecks showed Solomon that acting may be in her future after all. Regardless of where Solomon ends up, Lost Tribe is incredibly proud of her talent and hard work, both at Lost Tribe and in the professional world.