Leaderboards and Discord: Introducing the Lost Tribe Challenges

We promised some big changes in 2022 and we aren’t wasting any time bringing them to the tribe. Introducing Lost Tribe Challenges, a groundbreaking new way to game with us starting January 3 — that’s so soon that your aunt will still not have even signed up for her free gym membership by the time Lost Tribe is rolling these babies out. 

Lost Tribe Challenges are creating a new sense of community and structure unlike anything you’ve seen here before. Each week will feature a different game, like Fortnite, Rocket League, or VALORANT. Participants will be told the specific in-game challenge at the start of each week, like most eliminations in a match, most points scored, or even something more specific and wacky. 

From Monday to Sunday, Lost Tribe gamers will have the opportunity to participate in the challenge regardless of what console, what time, what country, or what their skill level is. Instead of a Fortnite tournament held at a specific time on Sunday, participants can now fight to the top of our weekly leaderboard whenever they have time to take on the challenge

Our revamped Discord will now feature a channel just for Challenges, where participants can engage and hang out throughout each week, as well as voice and chat channels to strategize and compete with each other. There will also be a channel that features the leaderboard as tribe members fight to climb to the top. 

Questions? Concerns? You want I should bring in the Director of Gaming? Here he is. 

“Challenges introduces a new way to compete with Lost Tribe,” Jake Laumann, our Director of Gaming, said. “Unlike our more traditional tournaments, where players compete against one another in real-time, Lost Tribe Challenges allow players to still connect through competition but don’t require them to be playing simultaneously. Challenges allow for players at all skill levels, on any platform, from anywhere in the world at any time to comfortably participate in our events. This is super important to Lost Tribe because it means that we can start to build a more inclusive environment, allow Israelis to participate in more of our events, and break down the barrier to entry that prevents a lot of kids from competing.” 

Okay, back to me. 

What makes the Lost Tribe Challenges awesome is the engagement this will create throughout each week. As tribe members attempt to get the most points in a NBA2K match or finish a Minecraft speedrun the fastest, they can share clips with us and discuss techniques with each other. We also plan to have further engagement opportunities down the line, including a variety of contests and hangouts that bring everyone together as they attempt to be at the top of the leaderboard. There will also be streams that share clips and highlights from our tribe, invite participants to grind together, and announce leaderboard updates. 

And you know me (sort of). I’ll be creating even more opportunities for Lost Tribe members who want to participate in our fun, supportive challenges without having to play competitive video games. We’ll have more on that soon but expect a lot of cosplay, Pokemon, science fiction, and food. This will most likely be coming as soon as February, just on time for your aunt to cancel the gym membership before she is charged! 

Lost Tribe Challenge #1 — Fortnite

And now back to the Lost Tribe Challenges (stay with me here). We have the official Fortnite Lost Tribe Challenge information for you! Here’s how to participate: 

  1. Join our Discord
  2. Get as many eliminations as you can in a single public Fortnite match!
  3. You’ll have from Monday, January 3, 2022 (wow 2022) to Sunday, January 9, 2022 to climb up the leaderboard, submitting as many scores as you want. 

Oh, and you know us! At Lost Tribe it isn’t just for clout. First place on the leaderboard gets $50, second gets $25, and third receives $15! 

Alright, Big Macher, see you January 3!