May the Force Be With Lost Tribe: Star Wars Fest

May the force be with you this Shabbat. 

This weekend’s Lost Tribe Fest is all about Star Wars — and we mean all. Zach, Ethan, and Brian will be hosting a Star Wars podcast stream that ranks all nine movies in the Skywalker Saga. Each of these Lost Tribe members is a different age so expect the “um actually’s” to be flying as they clash over this beloved series. 

Let your console cool off, clean off your keyboard, and take a break from gaming to sit back and enjoy this engaging Star Wars extravaganza. We’ll be talking movie theater experiences, why Star Wars means so much to the fans, and who our least favorite Star Wars characters of all time are.

Then Zach, Ethan, and Brian will start debating — I mean discussing — their rankings. Will they be able to agree on anything? As the three contemplate their own rankings, they’ll give updates in Discord on their very important research. You’re gonna need a Star Wars Milk for this one because it’s about to get spicy. 

But this isn’t only about Brian being Gen X, this is about celebrating the Star Wars fandom. We know all of you have your own opinions on the Skywalker Saga and your own special memories with the Star Wars franchise. And we want to hear them. 

Every day, we’ll provide prompts that let you share your favorite Star Wars-related moments or answer some fun, engaging questions about the series. Or bring up a controversial topic… We can’t help it. And we’ll share our favorite answers and debates during the Lost Tribe Fest this weekend! 

Also, don’t forget to fill out our survey. We want the Lost Tribe squad to also rank their favorite Star Wars films. We’ll compile all of the results over the week and share the Lost Tribe community’s own rankings during the live Star Wars podcast.  

Did we mention that this Star Wars podcast is actually the first episode of a new podcast series called Pass the Popcorn?! Well, now we did. But let me repeat: NEW MOVIE PODCAST INCOMING. 

“It’s great for Lost Tribe to move into the movie podcast arena. We’ve tackled gaming and sports and now we get to respond to our community asking for movies. Star Wars is just the beginning and one that spans multiple generations as can be seen on the stream Saturday night,” Brain Soileau said. 

Get ready to watch these Rebel spies talk Star Wars movies and memories on Saturday, January 22 at 8 PM EST over on Twitch. And join our Discord [link] ahead of time to cast your votes and share your thoughts before the premiere!