Fortnite Fashion invades Lost Tribe Fest

This Lost Tribe Fest has gamers dropping into Fortnite and using strategy and creativity to take out opponents and become the last player standing. But don’t expect headshots and building — we’re talking Fortnite fashion. 

We’re inviting you to take part in the Fortnite Fashion Show, hosted by BubbaNesh this weekend. This is your chance to show off your favorite Fortnite skins and hang out with the Lost Tribe community in an entirely new way. And, as always, there are prizes as well as giveaways throughout the stream. 

So don’t worry if you aren’t a competitive Fortnite player. The Fortnite Fashion Show is about being avant-garde, du jour, haute couture, and on-trend. We are looking for your most lust-have Fortnite ensembles and runway dance moves. Come prepared to sew off in a hilarious fashion show with other Lost Tribe members. 

“At the end of the day, gaming doesn’t have to only be competitive. There are ways to play just for fun and for the community,” said Lost Tribe’s Jake “Offy” Offenheim. “Not everyone is cranking out 90s and is the most technically skilled, and we want to make sure that we are providing experiences for both our hardcore gamers but also the casual gamer as well.” 

Say shalom to BubbaNesh, the host of Lost Tribe’s Fortnite Fashion Show. BubbaNesh is a streamer who has been gaming and talking sports on Twitch for a while now. He is joining Lost Tribe as a content creator and we are celebrating this great news by letting him take over the next Lost Tribe Fest! 

Lost Tribe Fest is coming up next on February 5, 2022, beginning at 5 PM EST with BubbaNesh playing Fortnite. Lost Tribe members are welcome to join in on the action. Then it’s the Fortnite Fashion Show at 8 PM EST. BubbaNesh has hosted similar fashion shows in the past and knows how to make them hilarious and entertaining while also shining a spotlight on everyone’s OG skins. 

There is $25 on the line for the winner of the Fortnite Fashion Show. Throughout Lost Tribe Fest, we will have five V-Bucks giveaways worth $20 each. All you have to do is tune in to the Lost Tribe Fest on February 5, join the Lost Tribe Discord, and interact with our socials during the stream — we’ll tell you exactly how come February 5. 

Until then, hang out in the Lost Tribe Discord to talk Fortnite with Offy and the rest of the Lost Tribe crew. Find other community members to play Fortnite with — and start preparing your best looks for the Fortnite Fashion Show. You don’t have to shvitz in Fortnite to take part in this gaming event!