Minecraft Monday: Lost Tribe’s Purim Palooza Goes Virtual

At Lost Tribe, we didn’t only celebrate Purim on stream and Discord. We also celebrated it in a way only Lost Tribe can — in Minecraft. 

Lost Tribe has an immensely active Minecraft community run by our dedicated Minecraft staff members, making it a popular part of the Lost Tribe universe. It was basically a no-brainer to want to recreate Purim within the game — but how do you even do that? 

Over the past few months, Lost Tribe Minecraft Administrator Naomi Epstein created Purim-themed programs in Minecraft for several Jewish communities across North America. The crown jewel is the Purim carnival tent, built by intern Zack Singerman. It’s filled with arcade-style games like Dunk Tank and Skeeball, built by junior intern Kelin Levine using Redstone (Minecraft’s version of electricity). 

Elad Dekel also coded a custom minigame in Minecraft for Lost Tribe members to create Purim costumes with a variety of items, which can then be modeled for others within the game. Another minigame, “Building Game,” lets players compete against each other to build Purim-themed items (think noise makers and Hamantaschens). 

We ended up with a celebration just as lively and festive as the ones that go on IRL. It’s amazing how a bunch of blocks can build not just games and buildings, but community. 

“Our Purim programs bring together Jewish kids and teens to teach them about the story and modern traditions of Purim and lead them in fun in-game activities that create a positive association with Judaism,” Epstein said. 

Over three million people log into Minecraft every day — and we are one of the active communities there. The Purim festival was just one of many things our Minecraft team is working on. Check in every Monday to see what else Lost Tribe and its members are doing in Minecraft. There’s always something going on and something being created.

Want to get in on the building and gaming action? Check out our Minecraft page here to get started with us!