Lost Tribe Locations: Tower Tag

Shalom and welcome to a brand new Lost Tribe column that’s all about the coolest spots to check out in Israel. This isn’t your average travel guide — each place we check out is selected specifically for gamers, geeks, and teens looking for an alternative tour around Israel. 

The first spot on our journey is Tower Tag

Tower Tag is located in Rehovot, a city near Tel-Aviv. But it doesn’t really matter where it is — Tower Tag is all about being transported somewhere else entirely. It’s essentially a virtual laser tag. 

Tower Tag is a cyberpunk-style shooter that has teams racing throughout a neon-lit city with grappling hooks to conquer the most towers they can while taking out enemies with a lasers. 

The action is insanely fast and competitive. But to the outsider, it looks like four people just standing or squatting around with headsets on. That’s the beauty of Virtual Reality (VR)! You can jump inside an entirely different world just by slipping something on and experience something, with your friends, that you previously thought impossible. 

While the destination is within the VR, the reason Tower Tag is worth the visit over gaming at home is the party-like experience. Groups of friends or families can enter the arena and get help learning different games from guides — the staff has been called friendly and helpful by just about every review. There are different rooms where groups can hang out and play the game in their own space. It’s just a cool new place to hang out and do something completely unique. 

Tower Tag is super easy to learn for most people. Even though it’s simple and intuitive, the real fun is coordinating strategies with your friends. It’s immersive and realistic, creating a tense and exciting atmosphere for friends looking for a challenge. And yes, you will sweat. 

If you get tired from all the ducking and reloading, check out Tower Tag’s old-school arcade area. Chill with some fun, nostalgic games while you chat strategy with friends. And then head back in for more crazy laser tag action once you’ve caught your breath. 


Website: https://tower-tag.co.il/

Address: Herzl St 220, Rehovot, 7630003, Israel

Phone #: +972 54-742-4886

Hours: Monday — Thursday: 12 noon – 10 PM, Friday — Saturday: 10 AM – 10 PM

Type of Destination: Gaming

You Should Go If: You enjoy trying new tech, you want to beat your friends at something, you want your parents to try gaming, you are secretly a cyberpunk assassin

Other Things Nearby: Rehovot Science Park, Gojo Restaurant, Hamburg Restaurant, Steimatzky Book Store