Minecraft Monday: Lost Tribe Hangs Out In Israel — From Home

Lost Tribe’s dedicated Minecraft team is always creating events and activities but between holidays, they’re constantly working on something super important to our community: Virtual Israel.

Our Virtual Israel sites are exclusive to Lost Tribe community members who are part of our Minecraft programming through a local organization, through Truvie, or through our very own Minecraft Camp coming up this summer. Details coming soon, so stay tuned! These locations create special moments in Minecraft that connect Lost Tribe members to Israel in an impactful way.

Our latest site is Dolphin Reef Beach, located in Eilat, Israel. Dolphin Reef is an ecological wonder on the shores of the Red Sea that includes a secluded beach and, of course, dolphins. A group of dolphins and their babies can be observed playing, socializing, hunting, and more. Floating piers allow visitors to get close to the dolphins, creating a strong connection between humans and nature.

Lost Tribe’s Minecraft administrator, Naomi Epstein, noted that this dynamic location has an exciting beach atmosphere that makes it the perfect spot to recreate in Minecraft. Our Virtual Israel version of Dolphin Reef Beach will have a beach full of beach chairs, an abundance of greenery, and an observation deck overlooking the water.

Naomi used a 360-degree image of Dolphin Reef Beach to inspire the Minecraft version of the iconic site. The structures and terrain of the actual spot in Eilat informed our virtual version, making it an accurate look at just one of many locations in Israel that makes the country special.

But for Lost Tribe, building locations in Minecraft is more than just recreating a stunning site. Minecraft allows players to completely immerse themselves in the location as if they are actually there, interacting with all the different components of the site as well as the other players there. Our Minecraft team is creating some organized activities for our participants.

The main activity, Naomi revealed, will be players racing each other through the water like dolphins. They’ll have to swim through hoops and dodge coral to get the best time.

Naomi teamed up with Minecraft Intern Zack Singerman to take on the immense task. Naomi has been working on the terrain, including the shore and the underwater areas. Zack is building the structures, including the observation deck and pier.

“Our mission with our Virtual Israel sites is to create a positive association with Israel in the minds of our programming participants,” Naomi said. “Someone may come into our programming knowing nothing about Eilat, have a fun time racing through Dolphin Reef, and then come out thinking, ‘Wow, Eilat is a pretty cool place!'”

If you want to experience Virtual Israel, join our Discord to be one of the first to know when Minecraft Camp registration for this summer is open!

For parents and professionals who want to learn more, and book these programs for 8-12 year olds, click here to visit our Minecraft page.