Lost Tribe Location: Comikaza

Nerds, geeks, and comic book lovers from across Israel gather at Comikaza, creating a community right in the center of Tel Aviv. This is the spot for Lost Tribe members that want to find like-minded nerds across the world, which is why it’s the next spot in our ongoing Lost Tribe Location series, which highlights the most awesome spots in Israel you wouldn’t find in regular travel guides.

Comikaza opened in Ramat Aviv in 2003 and then moved to Tel Aviv 10 years ago, when it became a hub for all things geek culture in the city. Comikaza has everything you need, including thousands of comic books, manga, and figures. You can also find decor, apparel, and merchandise. A blend of Israeli books and international imports, Comikaza is a unique geek experience that brings comic book lovers and anime fans together in an impactful way.

What’s even more awesome is that Comikaza isn’t just a store. It’s a meeting place for different fandoms that want to celebrate their favorite characters, series, and movies with each other. As a hub for all things geek culture, Comikaza hosts events so people can nerd out in a safe and inspired space.

Free Comic Book Day

Like many US-based comic book stores, Comikaza hosts Free Comic Book Day each year. Fans can get free issues of upcoming series and other comics from popular publishers. But Comikaza also has their own unique celebrations, like a Halloween-themed comic book hangout, comic book-themed workshops, and even popular comic artists coming in to sketch and sign issues.


Website: https://www.comikaza.co.il/

Address: Tel Aviv

Phone #: +972 3-620-5684

Hours: Monday — Sunday: 10 AM – 8 PM

Type of Destination: Comic book store

You Should Go If: You want to geek out with fellow nerds, you collect comic books, you want to see what Tel Aviv’s nerd culture is like