Celebrate Israel Independence Day With Snacksss, Streams, and Free Things


Lost Tribe’s biggest event of the year is Hanukkah, no doubt. But Lost Tribe goes beyond those eight crazy nights — we are a community for Jewish teens all over the world that want to share their experiences, traditions, and memes. From May 5 — 7 we are celebrating Israel Independence Day with some awesome streams and giveaways to connect our members from every corner of the earth.

“As the grandson of a Holocaust survivor, it’s so assuring to me that I know I have a place to go. I want to spread that kind of message to every Jew in the world. Because as long as Israel exists, we will always have a place we can call home,” Lost Tribe’s Jake Offenheim said.

Known as Yom Ha’atzmaut, this is the national day of Israel, celebrating the Israeli Declaration of Independence in 1948. That’s only 74 years ago, which is pretty nuts to think about. But since then, it’s a holiday in Israel that has grown substantially. There are ceremonies with prominent speakers, art performances, and the lighting of 12 torches — one for each of the Tribes of Israel. There’s also a big parade.

Lost Tribe wanted to recreate this hype but in our own unique way. We wanted to bring the spirit of Yom Ha’atzmaut to everyone, all over the world, in one of the ways we know how — livestreamed gaming, with insane giveaways.

Here are the deets.

Our very own Offy will be hosting a kick-off stream for Yom Ha’atzmaut on Thursday, May 5th at 12 PM EST. There will be VALORANT and a merch giveaway. Then Bubba Nesh will be playing Apex Legends 5:30 PM EST — and we’ll have even more merch to give away.

Friday will start off with a Minecraft Creative Build stream at 9:30 AM EST. And Offy will be giving away more merch! Speaking of more merch, there will be another giveaway at 4 PM EST when Jesse plays the Overwatch 2 beta.

Saturday is bringing even more streams! This time it will be a Fortnite tournament hosted by Snacksss. You’re probably wondering, whomst? What? Food? But it’s actually more exciting than that! This is our first stream celebrating our partnership with Snacksss.

No, not this kind. But we’ll take them too.

Who is Snacksss, you ask? This long-time variety streamer is known for his wacky personality and antics along with his skilled gameplay. His streams are full of memes and engaging chats — and no matter what he’s doing, Snacksss’ goal is to grow the gaming community in Israel. Partnering with Snacksss is the perfect way to celebrate our own community in Israel and show our members from all over what the gaming culture is like over there.

Join our Discord to take part in all of the streams, including Snacksss’ Fortnite tournament. While you’re there, drop a meme. We have a Lost Tribe-themed meme contest going on.