Lost Tribe Presents: All-New Programming For June

Lost Tribe is switching it up for June! The Gaming Department has an entirely new schedule full of unique programming for the month of June to make our community even more diverse, inclusive, and fun than ever before.

I know what you’re thinking: HOW? LOST TRIBE IS ALREADY THE BEST! HOW CAN IT BE EVEN MORE ANYTHING? Well, let me tell ya. Basically, we’re creating a set calendar each month that includes four different types of programs:

  • Frag Night (FPS games, competitive gaming)
  • Craft Night (Minecraft activities and gaming)
  • Party Night (casual gaming, board games, etc)
  • Fight Night (fighting games)

So these nights will have set dates throughout June, each with a different activity related to the theme of the night. Think a casual Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tourney on Fight Night, a Fortnite stream on Frag Night, or a Pokemon trivia night on Party Night.

This new schedule has much more varied programming that will provide exciting engagement opportunities and consistency that Lost Tribe hasn’t had before. We’ll still have competitions and tournaments, of course, but this will create a much-needed balance for our Lost Tribe community.

“Although challenges and tournaments will still be part of the programming, I am hoping to bring more opportunities that are more geared towards simply being social and fun, while not necessarily being competitive,” Jake Laumann, our Game Director, said. “From new podcasts to a better YouTube presence to bringing back beloved game nights, we hope to allow everyone the ability to participate as we move into summer and onwards.”

We understand that being a Lost Tribe member is more than just being competitive at certain games. Some tribe members just like to casually play mobile games, others just really love Star Wars, and others just like to play Mario Party with their friends. We want our programming to reach everyone, from comic book lovers to Harry Potter fanatics to Pokemon players. Lost Tribe has a diverse audience and we want to reach everyone equally with meaningful, fun programs and unique engagement opportunities.

Being a Lost Tribe member is all about community, making friends, sharing memories… We are excited to start up our new programming to create meaningful moments for everyone who makes up Lost Tribe.

Lost Tribe June Schedule

June 3 — PARTY NIGHT — Crab Game

June 5 — CRAFT NIGHT — Control the Egg Minigame Challenge

Be on the lookout for more programming coming soon!