Is Netflix’s New Show Jewish Matchmaking a Cursed Idea?

Jewish Matchmaking

Netflix won’t stop making love-based reality shows. They won’t stop. There’s matchmaking, blind dates, love islands… What could possibly be next? Apparently Jewish Matchmaking.

Inspired by Indian Matchmaking, Jewish Matchmaking is said to come out later this year — although the date is not yet announced. I know, the tension is real.

The show will follow single Jews in America and Israel that have decided to use the traditional practice of shidduch, often seen within Orthodox Jewish communities. A professional matchmaker (who is yet to be revealed) will match two Jews who will then go on a few dates in an attempt to find their bashert — or soulmate.

Fans of reality shows are most likely frothing at the mouth. Dating shows are already bloated with drama no matter who is involved. But add in Jewish parents? This is going to be explosive. I’m already taking Pepto Bismol just thinking about it.

There is no denying that Jewish Matchmaking is going to be binge-worthy. But a lot of people are worried about a show about Jewish people at a time when antisemitism is rising. While we can laugh at our own quirks and make some jokes at the expense of our community, what will it be like when the spotlight is shined so closely on Jews during such a tense and awkward situation?

Many sensitive topics that could arise in Jewish Matchmaking — among them, Israel, class and finances, and more conservative communities’ views on women and gender roles. The biggest concern seems to be, however, the possibility that the usual stereotypes will be under the microscope and amplified, continuing to perpetuate unflattering views.

During a time when anti-semitism has continued to rise, is it really the right time to announce a potentially controversial show? Of course, the show may address these issues and acknowledge the harm of stereotypes and the ongoing threats Jewish communities are facing around the world.

From what I remember of Indian Matchmaking (yes, I watched Indian Matchmaking, sue me), it was taken very seriously. It’s very likely that Jewish Matchmaking will have a similar vibe, although I feel that it’d be very hard for Jews not to crack a joke or laugh at the entire situation.

And while Jewish Matchmaking will definitely have its criticism, will it really be a continued topic of discussion when DATED AND RELATED is a thing. Seriously, Netflix? Are you okay?? Blink two times if you are being held hostage by a robot that spews out dating show ideas based on a cursed algorithm. Oh, you… You green lit this. Got it. Cool.