Adam Sandler: We’ve Created an Israel Travel Guide For You

Everyone remembers that scene in the Hebrew Hammer when the Jewish Justice League is discussing how to save Hanukkah and suggest cranking out another Adam Sandler movie to create good will for the Jewish community. And one of the old guys says: “Not another Adam Sandler movie!”

There is no denying it — we love Adam Sandler movies. We always have. We can’t get enough of them. There are nearly 50 Adam Sandler movies from the classics like Billy Madison to the, well… to Jack and Jill. And there’s some serious ones sprinkled in between.

The 56-year-old comedian is currently working on a movie called You Are SO Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah — but he shocked all of us when he admitted in an interview during filming that he’s never been to Israel. The Zohan was never in Israel? Pardon?

“Well, I haven’t been to Israel and I’m the Zohan, for God’s sake. I’m excited to get there,” Sandler said to AARP.

At least it sounds like Sandler has the desire to go to Israel. But where would Sandler go if he were to take the trip? Lost Tribe thought up a unique itinerary for Sandler that is sure to get him even more pumped about flying to Israel ASAP.

Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv

This busy beach is one of Tel Aviv’s most popular destinations thanks to its stunning blue water and endless activities. During the day, people flock to Gordon Beach to play volleyball, lounge in the sun, and check out the restaurant-lined boardwalk. There’s also a ton of people playing matkot, which is Israel’s national beach sport — something the Zohan may be familiar with. When the sun starts to set, Gordon Beach turns into a lively outdoor club with drinks, DJs, and dancing.

Caesarea Golf Course

This is Israel’s international golf center, complete with 18 greens, a clubhouse, a bar, and community activities to enjoy throughout the year. It attracts golfers from around the world thanks to its beauty and flawless maintenance. It’s the perfect place for Sandler to redeem himself after some of his unfortunate golfing scenes in Happy Gilmore.

Israel Aquarium

The Israel Aquarium in Jerusalem is home to a wide variety of tropical fish from around the world as well as an education center and art installments. Opened in 2017, this aquarium is focused on wildlife from the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of Galilee, and the Dead Sea. A trip to this aquarium will immediately bring back memories from filming 50 First Dates — a movie Sandler fans will never forget despite the movie centering around, well, not remembering a single thing.

Me On the Mic

This karaoke bar in Tel Aviv is always popping. It has a wide variety of songs in both Hebrew and English as well as great drinks and food. You can rent private rooms (good for those of us that aren’t, well, The Wedding Singer) that all have different fun themes based on famous cities around the world from Vegas to Havana. Belt out the lyrics to the Hanukkah Song without worrying about who will hear you!


Since Sandler is already in Tel Aviv, why not stop by VIRUS, a video game arcade that specializes in VR. From classics like Fruit Ninja to killing zombies and exploring fantasy worlds, there is a wide variety of VR games to choose from here. Sandler proved his old-school game knowledge in Pixels, but can he master virtual laser tag? I don’t know, but I’d love to see it!

Azrieli Mall

This is one of the best shopping destinations in Israel. This humungous mall has all of the popular stores and chains you can think of from Israeli brands and beyond. Whether it’s the latest fashion or the latest electronics, the Azrieli Mall is bound to have it all. There’s also plenty of places to drink and eat, as well as a stunning observatory to check out at night. This glitzy mall is bound to have a magical remote somewhere inside of it, although we suggest avoiding it after what happened to Adam Sandler in Click.