Some of the Most Iconic Halloween Costumes I Saw Around Campus

Halloween costumes

If you have never been on a college campus on Halloween, honestly, own it because in a word it is a balagan [chaos]. I have compiled a list of the top five best or worst (depending on how you look at it) costumes that I saw this Halloween weekend around campus. One things for sure, they were definitely memorable.

In no particular order, here are the Halloween costumes that I will never forget. Even if I want to.

Common But Cool: Jesus

I saw a few Jesuses (Jesi?) this Halloween, so it loses some points for uniqueness. Yet, any criticism I have for this seemingly basic costume is forgiven when I take into consideration how absolutely hilarious any person dressed as Jesus happens to be. One Jesus that I saw walked right down the street past a large group of people and called out “you are all saved.”

I, for one, found this to be a relief. There is nothing better than the sheer absurdity of seeing a religious figure on a sacrilegious holiday. 

You can make a common costume instantly hilarious by getting into character.

Random But Still Works: Black Cat and an Acrobat

In terms of things that I did not know were trendy and thus make me feel even more like an old lady, rhyme without reason costumes are at the top of the list. Apparently, the trend is to dress as two completely unrelated things that rhyme? It does add a bit of fun cleverness that builds upon guessing the connection between seemingly unrelated costumes. A black cat and an acrobat were my favorite that I saw of this trend since it sounds like it came straight from a Taylor Swift lyric. Karma, anyone?

Dress up your cat at your own risk…

Best Couple’s Costume: Mario and Luigi

Mario and Luigi is adorable! A truly fantastic costume. I saw one Mario proudly jump up and shout *woohoo* in a perfect impression of the iconic video game character. In fact, it was so perfect that I wonder if Mario from Halloween should replace Chris Pine in the new Mario movie.

Mario and Luigi is perfect for a best friend costume or a sibling costume. Mario and Princess Peach is perfect for a couple’s costume. It would be adorable! I for one love a good couple’s costume. The image of Mario and Luigi walking down College Avenue hand in hand is perfect for keeping me up at night. Maybe that shit flies in Alabama, but not here. 

This DIY Mario and Luigi is easy to do (especially if you already have a mustache)

Nastalgia For Some: Steve From Blue’s Clues

A blast from the past and one of those really easy Halloween costumes to put together, all you need is the iconic green shirt and you are good to go. Bonus points if you had a blue plush dog, or have a friend (or lover?) dress as Blue.

My biggest complaint is not at the expense of this clever Halloween goer, but at the reactions of those around me. I tried to strike up conversation about how confused young me had been when Steve disappeared one day to be mysteriously replaced by that phony faker Joe. I remember rumors flying rampant that Steve had died from a drug overdose, been in a car accident, had said expletives on the air, had to leave due to balding, and a million other possibilities. Yet, whatever group I had been standing near when Steve walked by had absolutely no idea of what I was talking about, which made me feel old and confused that not everyone shared this core childhood memory.

Thus, the scariest thing I saw this Halloween was the crippling realization that college students (despite my still being one) are extremely young. In other news, I am pretty sure Steve only left the show to go to college and is now 49 years old. That is scary! 

He who shall never be replaced in our hearts…

Haunting: Sexy Baby Gru

Goodness, I will never unsee Sexy Baby Gru. I have not actually seen Minions: The Rise of Gru, but I’m pretty sure this was not what he is supposed to look like. Look, I can get behind funny, unheard of, unique sexy Halloween costumes. It gives a new angle and allows one to stand out amidst Playboy Bunnies galore while still looking hot.

This costume started out innocent enough with black lingerie and thigh highs. What really did it in for me was the fact that she had a massive mask covering the entirety of her face resembling Baby Gru. I mean, she looked like a mixture of a horror movie villain and my sleep paralysis demon! Even worse, she spoke very little and when she did it was in that weird Gru voice that Steve Carrell does so well. Sexy Baby Gru, if you read this, I will never forget you.

Me trying to ask Sexy Baby Gru to stop talking…