Fashion Trends I’m Thankful To See Coming Back (And Ones I Want to Stay Away)

Finally, it’s Thanksgiving time again! It’s my favorite Jewish holiday because I get to eat a lot of good food, and my mom does not make me go to synagogue (get it?). Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on our gratitude and take time to appreciate the many things we have.

But when I’m not eating turkey and telling my grandmother why I don’t have children, I am often taking time to reflect — on fashion trends, of course. The way we have dressed has drastically changed throughout the years from the shape of our jeans to how we wear our hair. But it seems like a lot of fashion trends have been clawing their way back into mainstream fashion — worn by celebrities and TikTok influencers alike.

Here I have taken the time to reflect on what fashion trends I am so glad to have back, and what really should have stayed dead.  

Fashion Trends I’m Thankful For

The Comeback of the Color Yellow

If you ask me, yellow can slay all day!

Okay, in all honesty, I never trusted the color yellow. I try to limit wearing colors that may resemble a bodily substance, but maybe that’s just me. However, I put all of my fears aside the year when yellow took the big screen. I am, of course, talking about 2016-2017 when the live-action “Beauty and the Beast” and “La La Land” main characters prominently wore yellow (and looked damn good in them).

I bought such an absurd amount of yellow that year and I am so glad it is socially acceptable to wear them again for an occasion other than a sexy Man in the Yellow Hat costume. 


I think we can single handedly thank Taylor Swift for bringing glitter back to the forefront. And you can “best believe I’m still bejeweled [cause] when I walk in the room I can still make the whole place shimmer.”

Yes, ticket sales were stressful. Yes, I got myself some very fine nosebleed seats. Yes, I am going to try to recreate the jeweled bodysuit with rhinestones.  If it doesn’t sparkle, I don’t want it. 

Sustainable Fashion

Slowly yet surely, trends are shifting towards eco-fashion. Boycotts against Shein and other prominent fast fashion brands have gained a lot of traction and many popular companies are offering more sustainable product alternatives. There’s also small businesses manufacturing clothes to order and there’s a rise in the popularity of thrifting. 

Change is slow and it’s hard to remember that sometimes, but corporations are feeling the pressure as more and more people opt to prioritize the environment when it comes to their clothing choices.

Fashion Trends I am Certainly Not Grateful For

Low Rise Jeans

Image via Yahoo News

Who in the Hilary Duff thought it was a good idea to bring back low-rise pants? I don’t care what celebrity rocks it next, low-rise jeans and other low-rise bottoms can stay in the early 2000s where they belong. You’ll have to pry my high-waisted jeans out of my cold, dead hands. 

Bleach Blonde Hair

Blondes have more fun, right? Now you may recall in my Do Revenge review I expressed an urge to bleach my hair. And I still do. But look — I know this is toxic, but blonde hair is so trendy now. How is everyone supposed to know that bleached blonde hair is my unique thing if everyone starts doing it?! Damn it, why did Maya Hawke have to look so freaking good with blonde hair!?

Of course, this is a joke, and this Thanksgiving, we should all aim to move past our “not like other girls” mentality and embrace our fellow females as the unique, beautiful, badass people they are.

Puffed Sleeve Shirts

Believe it or not, I have never once thought: You know what would make this outfit better? If the sleeves of my shirt resembled those of a medieval prince saving a beautiful princess from a hideous ogre. Like never ever.

I’ve never thought that it would be better if the sleeves of my shirt were long and flowy and caught on every single branch, or a low hanging nail I passed in my day to day movements. Yet, someone in fashion responded and trends are reflecting a popularity in what I am pretty sure no one asked for.

Unless I am trying to make myself look bigger in order to scare away a bear, I will be avoiding puffed-sleeve shirts like the plague. 

Of course, just because some trends aren’t for me, doesn’t mean they aren’t valid and beautiful and totally worth catching your eye. This is just my opinion! And if you saw the way I dressed (no one knows I’ve worn these black leggings three days in a row, right?), you would not take any stock in it.

So wear that puff-sleeved yellow blouse that got your eye on to your Thanksgiving feast — prove me wrong. Bleach your hair and then tell me what brand you used (no really, let me know on Discord). And rock those low-rise, high-waist, and mid-rise jeans to your heart’s content!

Thanksgiving is all about remembering what’s important and forcing yourself to wear clothes you don’t like just because other people like it, or not wearing clothes you like because other people don’t like it is the absolute opposite of what matters in life.