Reality Schtick: Alexa Alfa — Love is Blind Season 3

I heard the new season of Love is Blind was the worst one yet. A lot of reality show lovers online were accusing the contestants of being fake and just wanting a bit of clout. The men were especially under fire for being toxic and unlikeable. So it’s safe to say I was scared to watch — but I binged it all in a few days just for y’all at Lost Tribe. And let me tell you, there’s one person that really stood out as genuine to me: Alexa Alfa.

Alexa Alfa is an Israeli woman who is unapologetically plus size and Jewish. She immediately bonded with Brennon Lemieux over their shared love of shakshuka, a Middle Eastern dish that Brennon told her he loves to cook. Their love of food is what first drew them to one another during the experiment, which has them talking to each other through a wall while unable to see what the other person looks like.

“I very much love me. I like to eat, and I love to eat. I never wanna be like, ‘Oh my God, sorry I can’t eat this.’ I’ve never been like that. I’m very confident in who I am, and I deserve someone who understands that,” Alexa told TODAY later on.

Another important conversation that came up early in the pods was Alexa’s identity. She immediately told Brennon that she comes from an Israeli family and that she’s not religious but “proudly Jewish.”

She said to him: “I’m Jewish; that’s like a fundamental part of me. I’m not super religious by any means, but like, I am Jewish and I’m proud to be Jewish and I’m proud to have an Israeli family. I love that, but if someone had a big issue with that, there’s nothing that I can do about that, you know?”

Fascinated by her realness, heart, and humor, Brennon proposed to Alexa very early into the season. They were the first couples to lay eyes on each other — and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. But would their chemistry survive an island getaway with the other couples and meeting each other’s families in the “real world?”

Alexa and Brennon were actually the only couple to not have any drama during the vacation part of the experiment. They continued to bond over their love of food and Brennon even said he would covert to Judaism.

When Brennon finally met Alexa’s family, I was quite entertained with everyone’s dynamic. Her dad was especially hilarious, even pretending to shove her away during the wedding later on. They most definitely had the dark humor that Alexa had gushed about in the pods. At one point, her dad even joked that Brennon had to pick a knife he wanted to get circumcised with in order to marry Alexa. The realness of her family is definitely one of the highlights of Season 3.

Brennon told Alexa’s family that he had the same values about family, even if he wasn’t Jewish himself. He said that Alexa has a tough exterior but inside she “cares about people in general” and is a “very good person.” This seemed to sit well with their family as well as learning about his love for shakshuka.

“I love food. I’ve eaten every kind of weird food there is,” Brennon said. “The best way to learn about a culture is through food.”


Alexa and Brennon ended up having a Jewish wedding, even breaking the glass. Brennon wore a yarmulke. It was very sweet how open Brennon was to learning about her culture despite having little to no prior knowledge about Judaism or Israel. He even said that their kids would be raised Jewish.

It’s now been about a year since the show was filmed and Alexa and Brennon are still going strong. In a recent Instagram post, Brennon said: “I might not be Jewish, but I learned how to wear a kippah and enjoyed every Shabbat dinner. Alexa is patient with my procrastination, generous to others in need, kind to rudeness, and loves deeply. This woman makes me want to be a better man and husband. I love you to infinity, my lobster.”

Before the show, Alexa was the owner of an insurance agency in Dallas, Texas. It’s now permanently closed. She went to Tel Aviv University. One of six siblings, her lively and outspoken family moved from Israel to America, where they seem to be thriving. Here is her dad with her new husband:

While there were definitely some controversial moments in Love Is Blind Season 3, especially during the reunion episode where Alexa and Brennon were very damning of another contestant’s behavior, she has remained an overall respected reality star for her realness, her curves, and her inspiring love story.

When it all comes down to it, Alexa was never afraid to be herself, which helped her find love in a show all about emotional connection. And through it all, she was also able to share her Jewish heritage and customs to people who may have not been familiar before binging Love is Blind.

Do I recommend watching Love is Blind Season 3? Eh. There are many toxic relationships that will leave you exhausted. But if you are here for the drama, I think Alex and Brennon’s relationship will be a breath of fresh air and give a sense of realness that will make you believe in love — even in the craziest of circumstances.

Mazel Tov!