Hanukkah Gift Guide For Gamers

Hanukkah gift guide

Hanukkah is almost here and you may be scrambling to find a unique gift for the gamer on your list, whether it’s your kid, friend, or co-worker. Luckily, December is a huge month for video games and there’s plenty of incredible games, merch, and gear to choose from. Here is your complete guide to getting the perfect Hanukkah gift for the gamers in your life.

What’s a Good Hanukkah Gift For Gamers?

When it comes to the right gift, it all comes down to their specific preferences. It’s always best to (sneakily) find out what console they play on, what games they are currently playing, which new games have caught their eye, and what is missing from their battle station. Once you have done a bit of investigating, here are some ideas just in time for Hanukkah.

Steam Deck

Image via Steam

The Steam Deck is the perfect Hanukkah gift for the gamer in your life. It’s a relatively new handheld console that allows them to play all of their favorite PC games from the comfort of their bed or while traveling. The Steam Deck may encounter some technical issues since it’s still in its early stages but it’s most definitely an exciting gift that opens up an entirely new gaming experience.

Overwatch 2 Merch

Image via Blizzard

Blizzard’s online clothing store is full of Overwatch 2 merch thanks to the game (finally) coming out earlier this year. The long-awaited sequel to the original Overwatch has been enjoyed by most of the gaming community thanks to its fast-paced gameplay and new heroes. You’ll be able to find t-shirts for Sojourn and Kiriko, as well as just really sleek and stylish clothing that happens to also show off that you’re an Overwatch 2 fan.

God of War Kratos Modern Icon Statue GameStop Exclusive

Image via GameStop

God of War: Ragnarok was awarded Game of the Year at the Game Awards earlier this month. It’s safe to say that the gamer in your life has played it, heard of it, or has it on their wish list. Having an epic statue of Kratos himself on their desk or nightstand will allow them to rep their fandom while also owning something high quality and collectible. This GameStop exclusive figure is detailed beyond belief, from Kratos’ facial expression to the snow on his boots.

Minecraft Minecoins

Image via Minecraft

If you know a gamer that’s constantly immersed in Minecraft’s ever-changing, evolving world, Minecoins are the perfect Hanukkah gift. Minecoins allow you to purchase just about anything you can think of in-game, from characters to cosmetics to access to Minecraft Worlds created by other users. GameStop and other retailers sell Minecoin gift cards that are sure to be a huge hit with anyone who plays Minecraft.

Pokemon Plush

Image via AliExpress

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet just came out, bringing an abundance of new Pokémon, storylines, and battles to fans of the ongoing franchise. If the gamer in your life is glued to their Nintendo Switch as they attempt to become a Pokémon Master, they will most definitely go crazy for a Pokémon plush. The Pokémon Center is full of a wide variety of plushies, from a life-sized Lucario that stands at over 47 inches to a super soft and squishy round Pikachu.

Lost Tribe Merch

Image via Lost Tribe

The gamer in your life most likely connects with other gamers in a variety of Discord servers for gamers, including Lost Tribe. Lost Tribe is a community for Jewish teens to watch gaming streams, play in supervised tournaments, and meet other gamers in a safe Discord space full of contests, hangouts, and challenges. Rep Lost Tribe with new clothing items that just dropped or with cool stickers, notebooks, and other school-related accessories.

Unique PlayStation Controller

Image via Controller Chaos

If you know a gamer, they most likely already have a controller. But you can surprise them with a really unique controller that matches their interests and aesthetic. There are PlayStation controllers that have skins from their favorite games, like Elden Ring and Apex Legends, as well as colorful and fun ones like the Glazed Fresh Donut skin from Controller Chaos.

How Does Hanukkah Gift Giving Work?

Every family has their own Hanukkah traditions but, in general, there are no special rules to keep in mind! Just pick out a gift within your price range that you think they will love and wrap it. If you are concerned with any other gift giving traditions, ask the family if they have any special routines or special traditions. But usually, Hanukkah gift giving is no different from any other time you give someone a present!