Akrew Wins LTCS 2.0, One Of The Biggest Off-Season Rocket League Tourneys

LTCS 2.0

Lost Tribe recently made waves in Rocket League esports with the latest Lost Tribe Championship Series event: LTCS 2.0.

Rocket League has been increasingly gaining traction as an esport, with the Rocket League Championship Series Finals seeing nearly 369K peak viewers. It’s no surprise that teams of talented hopefuls are looking to prove themselves in the dome, grinding to qualify for a spot in the RLCS. The LTCS has become an incredible opportunity for amateur teams to be in the spotlight — and compete for big money.

LTCS 2.0, which took place Dec. 17-18, was one of the biggest Rocket League events of the off-season, with a $1,500 prize pool, competitive teams, and top esports talent on deck. It acted as a kick-off for Lost Tribe Hanukkah III, a huge eight-day holiday streaming extravaganza for the organization, and was largely organized by young interns — some of which are still in high school.

“Lost Tribe’s Rocket League tournament is sneaking into one of the best end-of-year opportunities for up-and-coming rosters and orgs. It’s truly a showcase of the future stars with a lot on the line. They’re doing things right from behind the scenes to competition, delivering a stellar final product. Their list of goodies to giveaway keeps even the most casual fan engaged and a chat that buzzes from start to finish. Truly a can’t-miss event in my book, would 100% come back,” said LTCS 2.0 caster Gonzalo “mitchmozey” Cardona, who has also casted for A-tier RL tourneys.

Rocket League Squad Akrew Win LTCS 2.0

Akrew came in 14th in the RLCS 2021-22 North American rankings, which was less than optimal. After the roster made 269 competitive appearances, the organization decided to make some changes to the roster ahead of the RLCS 2022-23 season:

  • Arlin “oath” Burns
  • Fernando “Fefe” Huizar
  • Tristian “tcorrell” Correll
  • Morgan “shoebill” Manley (coach)
  • Sam “ChiefWalrus” Kreider (coach)

This roster proved to be quite powerful. Akrew had a nearly flawless 7-1 finish in the LTCS 2.0, taking down teams like Fast & Furious, Team .EXE, and Gentlemen, and Sol. Thanks to the epic LTCS 2.0 run, Akrew tweeted that they ended 2022 strong.

The LTCS 2.0 tournament was part of Lost Tribe Hanukkah III, a huge holiday event that’s full of streams dedicated to gaming, Jewish influencers, sports, and music. There were also a crazy amount of giveaways for viewers.

“Overall I’m just happy that we managed to cross that 100 viewer mark on the very first day. I learned a lot about Hannukah, which is a great addition to an awesome event,” said RLCS caster Daan “Hyferia” Kesseler, who has appeared as an analyst and commentator for S-tier tournaments.

Due to the success of the latest Lost Tribe Championship Series event, esports fans should expect more Rocket League events in the near future. Lost Tribe is currently working on setting up more large-scale LTCS tournaments in early 2023, including other games like Valorant, Rocket League, and Fortnite. All of these events are largely run by interns and young esports professionals, proving big things are possible when you have enough drive, initiative, and passion.