Nosh Or Noise? Accent — The Lost Tribe Review

When you think “best culinary experiences in the United States” you probably think of New York City — and that’s exactly where I live. New York City is known for its diverse and dynamic dining, so I figured why not find the best places to eat Israeli food amongst all of the skyscrapers and throngs of people.

This brought me to Accent. While looking up the best places to eat Israeli food in New York City, this restaurant popped up. With its sleek and modern interior and comforting dishes, it seemed like a unique experience that I couldn’t miss out on. And it honestly blew me away. The cool ambiance was the perfect backdrop to its exquisite food.


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The menu was pretty wild. From an Israeli-inspired eggplant appetizer to a schnitzel plate to a bagel with lox, there was a wide range of food that all sounded delicious and satisfying. But it honestly wasn’t too difficult to decide — I knew right away that I was going to go for the hummus. And it was a great choice.

It was the smoothest hummus I’ve ever had. The herbs and olive oil gave it an incredible amount of personality and depth. The only hummus I’ve had that’s matched it was the one I had in Israel. And this honestly makes a lot of sense since the chefs and owners of Accent are from Israel.

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Owners Hillit and Shlomo dreamed of opening a restaurant since they were children. They ended up studying at Tel Aviv’s culinary academy, where they met and fell in love. Hillit and Shlomo then moved to New York City and opened Accent. Focused on fresh ingredients from local markets, the seasonal dishes are meant to be a celebration of Mediterranean cuisine.

To really get a taste of what Hillit and Shlomo had cooking, I knew I had to get my hands on the beef ossobuco. This savory dish had slow-cooked beef shanks cooked with root vegetables, red whine, and creamy mashed potatoes. This dish went crazy. The beef was super tender, reminding me of my mom’s brisket. The mashed potatoes were light and buttery. Honestly, it just made me happy — and isn’t that really what we want from a food experience?

Review By the Numbers: 

Ambiance — 9/10

The elevated décor just really set the mood for me. You can tell it will be a special experience right upon entering.

Taste — 10/10

I know you’re not supposed to give your first food review a 10, but I couldn’t help it. This was really just a perfect meal flavor-wise. I can’t complain.

Portions & Prices — 5/10

This isn’t going to be a cheap meal. The portions weren’t offensively small or anything, but it’s a fine dining experience that will come at a price. Definitely come to Accent for a special occasion or if you’re looking to spend a little extra on a night out.

Experience — 9/10

In the end, this was an incredible dining experience. If you’re looking for tasty Israeli food in New York City, this place is a must.