Esports Pros With Chutzpah: Dabuz

Dabuz chutzpah

Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby is on a journey to the top of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate scene — and he’s really close. The pro player is currently considered the best Rosalina & Luma players as well as one of the best Olimar and Min Min players in the world. He is currently ranked 8th in UltRank 2022.

While Dabuz is one of the most talented players at any tournament he enters, his real draw is his one-of-a-kind personality. Dabuz is known for his quirky behavior and passionate opinions, making him one of the most memorable pros in the Ultimate scene.

Who can forget these:

I’ll take a double triple Dabuzzy Deluxe 😍 , on a raft 🛶 , four-by-four min-min style 🍜 , extra pikmin 👽 with a shimmy and a squeeze, light Luna ⭐️ grease, make it cry 😭 , burn it 🔥 , and let it swim 🌊

if dabuz 💋 and my girl 👸 😍 both drowning😱 🌊 and I can only save one😤 catch me at my girls funeral😔 👻 🌹 chanting KING OF NEW YORK 👑 👑

If dabuz grabs me, I’m not mashing out 🤨 I’m leaning in 💋

– Copypasta


– Copypasta

If Dabuz has million number of fans i am one of them 🙋🏻. if Dabuz has ten fans i am one of them. if Dabuz have only one fan and that is me 🙋🏼🙋🏽🙋🏾. if Dabuz has no fans, that means i am no more on the earth 😢. if world against Dabuz, i am against the world ❌🌍☄️. i love #Dabuz till my last breath.. 😍 .. Die Hard fan of Dabuz 🤓🌹. Hit Like If you Think Dabuz Best player & Smart In the world 🤠

– Copypasta

Even AI knows what’s up. One Dabuz fan asked AI to generate a statement about Dabuz and got this: “Dabuz isn’t a person, Dabuz is an idea. An idea of perfection. An idea of a God. An idea of what we all strive to be. Dabuz is the one who is born before time, who will die after time, who is the creator and the destroyer.”

You get the idea: Dabuz has become a huge personality in Ultimate.

I interviewed Dabuz myself while working at Inven Global (RIP) and it has honestly been one of my favorite interviews of all time. He is a super open person who shared his unique view of the game and explained why he approaches matches differently than other top players. He talked about getting to socialize more with the other competitors at Summit. And he got in a huge debate over how to eat a bagel.

Dabuz told me: “I’ve seen people cut up a bagel into tiny little pieces. Cutting up a bagel with a knife and dipping it into cream cheese… I’ve only seen that once… It was a weird thing someone did. But oh my god, that was cursed.”

Dabuz also told me that the bagels in Cali just “weren’t hitting right.” But let’s be real. Dabuz is from New York. How can any other place compare? And it makes sense for Dabuz to have such an immense passion for bagels — and food in general. He is Jewish after all.

Dabuz has confirmed to fans a couple times on social media that he has Jewish heritage. But when I asked him recently about his Jewishness, Dabuz admitted that Judaism isn’t part of his life at all. That may be true, but explain the bagels, Dabuz.

Right now, the “King of New York” is competing in Ultimate under the esports organization Team Liquid. He’s been practicing and competing in online tournaments, waiting for the next big LAN where he can go for the top spot once again.

Check him out on Twitter here and watch him stream on Twitch.