Get Ready to Party: Purim Palooza 2023 Schedule, Prizes, Streams

Lost Tribe Purim Palooza

Costumes, parties, feasts, making noise… Purim has always been a pretty wild holiday and we’re bringing the shenanigans to a virtual celebration on Discord and Twitch with Purim Palooza!

Lost Tribe’s Purim Palooza is back and its better than ever before thanks to some hype gaming tournaments, a special guest streamer, and — you guessed it — incredible giveaways you can enter just by joining the festivities.

Purim is all about gathering with friends and giving support, and we’ve taken that to a whole new level by going virtual — it’s a Purim party being attended by teens from all over the world and it’s going to be wild. Watch each stream on Twitch while hanging out and interacting on Discord throughout the four-day event for the full experience.

“Purim Palooza is another way for Jewish teens around the world to connect with one another through their favorite hobbies! We are meeting the teens where they’re at and having fun while doing it,” said Jake Offenheim, our director of influencer marketing (and the one organizing the Purim Palooza festivities).

Purim Palooza 2023 Schedule

Friday, 3/3 — 7-10 PM EST: We’re kicking things off with a Music Stream hosted by Offy. Instead of spinning graggers, make some noise by creating a song with Offy, doing some music trivia, tuning in for an Aux Battle, and even watching Offy do some 7 for 11 content live! Okay, and you can bring some graggers if you want — if you must.

Saturday, 3/4 — 12-3 PM EST: Offy is joined by Israeli streamer Danielle Destiny for a virtual tour of Israel inside Minecraft. From food markets to the Dead Sea, our Minecraft team has been creating different landmarks and cities within Minecraft, allowing teens to explore Israel without having to leave their home. With over 36.5K subscribers on YouTube, Danielle has become a big streamer in Israel and we can’t wait to give her an exclusive tour.

Saturday, 3/4 — 7-10 PM EST: Gaming marketing administrator Liz Rosen is hosting a Brawlhalla 1v1 tournament with a $1,000 prize pool! This is our biggest Brawlhalla tournament yet and it’s sure to be full of exciting and dynamic matches whether you are joining the fight or watching the action on Twitch. Sign ups for the Brawlhalla tourney are coming soon, so practice with your main and stay tuned!

Sunday, 3/5 — 7-10 PM EST: Game director Jake Laumann is taking a break from his busy esports career to stream some VALORANT for y’all. This Let’s Play-style stream will serve as a chill hangout for VALORANT players that want to learn some tips and tricks while connecting with other gamers at every level.

Monday, 3/6 — 7-10 PM EST: Some of the biggest Rocket League squads are back for our action-packed Rocket League All Stars tournament. We’ll have shoutcasters keeping the energy way up as you watch some intense Rocket League matches.

Purim Palooza Prizes

A Lost Tribe event wouldn’t be complete without epic prizes. These prizes are all Watch 2 Win, meaning you earn a chance to win just by tuning in to our streams. Basically, watch Danielle Destiny check out our virtual Israel in Minecraft or Laumann play some VALORANT and you will also have the chance to win: