The Best Vegan Sweets & Snacks In London

Vegan London

Vegan snacks, sweets, and desserts have continued to transform and innovate over the past few years. I’ve been amazed at the vegan snacks I’ve come across during my time studying abroad in London and wanted to share some of my discoveries with anyone that’s looking for some vegan desserts. And trust me, you don’t have to be vegan to like these! You just have to like desserts — ice cream, chocolate, bread…

Having been a vegan for over two years, I was understandably quite nervous going abroad, wondering what I was going to eat. I should have never feared! In 2019, London was voted the #1 vegan capital of the world. As a firm believer in the importance of something sweet o’clock, behold a list that is a celebration of all things sweet and vegan in London.

Thus without further ado — your must eat sweets and treats in London! 

Doughnut Time — Ice Ice Bae Bae Donut

Goodness, I could write soloquies about the deliciousness of Doughnut Time. With hilarious pop culture related names and just as many great-tasting vegan options as non-vegan, this is a place I would and do frequent over and over again.

The Ice Ice Bae Bae (say it proudly), topped with cookie dough, is so good that even my non-vegan sister had to get one. And trust me, she did not regret it!

VBurger — Chocolate Oreo Milkshake

Ever since I became vegan, I have been searching for the perfect vegan milkshake and VBurger has it. And trust me, I should know — because I slurpped on that milkshake happy as ever in 20 degree weather in a classic London rain without a single complaint. I already want to go back, and you should too. 

VEggie Pret — Croissant

If heaven exists I know it looks like a Veggie Pret. Nothing makes me feel more posh than a coffee and a croissant, so when I can go to a place where I know I can have one, nothing feels better!

For vegetarians and vegans alike, the Veggie Pret is a delight and safe haven from all of those other coffee shops that insist on selling meat-products. Veggie Pret is stocked to the brim with yummy, cruelty-free snacks, meals, and coffee, and — better yet — no sur-charge on plant-based milk! 

Venci — Azteco Gelato

While I was visiting Italy, I basically lived on Venci’s Azteco Gelato (dark chocolate ice cream) topped with melted dark chocolate. You wouldn’t believe my surprise when I realized that they also had Venci’s in London (and I think also in New York but shhh it’s authentic).

This gelato was rich and creamy and all things good. And since it is also in the US, everyone reading this has no excuse but to get some right now.

Ole & Steen — Social Slice

Originally from Denmark, the Social Slice (Stænger) is a glorious mix of flaky pastry, vanilla creme, cinnamon, and chocolate. I bought this on a whim one night and it was honestly one of the most delicious things I have ever had. So long boring basic Danish pastries and hello to the Social Slice. 

Oggs — Victoria Sponge Cakes

For when you want to take a vegan treat home with you, Oggs is the place to go. I wish the US had such good packaged vegan desserts, but alas.

The Victoria Sponge Cakes are wonderful and made me feel like I was truly a part of British culture at last. The cakes are light and spongey and the vanilla cream is sandwiched perfectly between them. This treat makes anyone feel like a queen!