Reality Schtick: Lexi Goldberg — The Ultimatum: Queer Love Season 1

Lexi Goldberg Queer Love

The latest season of Netflix’s The Ultimatum proved that nobody is safe from the chaos and toxicity that is reality love shows. The Ultimatum: Queer Love recently wrapped up with a reunion episode and there was plenty of drama to go around — arguing, cheating, gaslighting, breakups, more arguing… But through it all, there were some participants that felt more real and grounded than others. One of our favorites was Lexi Goldberg.

So The Ultimatum: Queer Love has a strange premise that I don’t really get. Every couple on the show has one partner that wants to get married — like now — and the other is not ready to be married yet. The partner that demanded marriage gives their partner an ultimatum: Marry me or randomly live for four weeks with someone else and essentially have an affair to see if you actually want marriage.


It’s no surprise that such a stupid premise created so much crazy drama. But through it all I found myself rooting for Lexi Goldberg, a bubbly and confident woman who stayed true to who she was and what she wanted. It was hard not to like her and feel that she was truly there to find out if her girlfriend truly loved her and wanted her.

Jewish REalness

What made Lexi even more likeable was her openness when it came to interracial dating and being Jewish.

In Episode 2, she especially stood out to me. While on a date with Mal, Lexi was asked if she had ever dated a black person before. Lexi admitted she hasn’t but added: “Dating Rae, who’s Chinese, that was really my first experience I’d had outside of dating a white person. I will not lie, that was a learning curve. And I don’t want to say that I know enough or anything. I’m not afraid of the learning in that. I don’t want to avoid it.”

Lexi went on to say that interracial dating is all about getting to know each other’s cultures and embracing differences. When Mal said she had never dated a Jewish woman before, Lexi joked: “So I do bring something different. I can show you how to make matzo ball soup.”

Lexi wasn’t perfect, of course. But that’s what made it all the more real and enjoyable. She was very jealous when Rae became intimate with her new partner, Venessa — clearly an influencer added to the show for drama. She also made everyone uncomfortable when she confronted Venessa in front of everyone at a dinner.

While I love her realness and bluntness, there’s obviously a time to hold back and she didn’t always do that. Her confidence and determination was oftentimes too overwhelming for Rae during their relationship, coming across as somewhat bossy and demanding at times. But it’s clear that everything she says is said with heart.

“REALEST ONE ON THE SHOW,” said one comment on Instagram.

“Love you soooo much for calling s— how it is,” said another.

“OMG you’re my faveeeee, sis. Us Capricorns can smell fake people from miles away! Love you for being so authentic,” another fan added.

Lexi isn’t perfect. In fact, she is a bit messy at times. But we love Jewish representation that’s real, that’s flawed. Lexi isn’t here to be a role model or be Jewish in the way that some may demand of her. But she’s Jewish and proud of it — and knows how to make matzo ball soup — and that’s really all I need in a reality star.