The Most Jewish Pokemon Confirmed By a Very, Very Serious Study

Jewish Pokemon

There are currently well over 1,000 Pokemon over the past generations and the designs are hit or miss. But among all of the legendary dragons, adorable starters, and questionable object-inspired monsters, there are some Pokemon that stand out for being more Jewish than the rest. Here are the most Jewish-coded Pokemon in the Pokedex according to an expert in all things Jewish Pokemon related. Yes, that’s a real thing… as of now.

Jewish Pokemon #1: Meowth

There is no question that Meowth is Jewish. There are multiple episodes where Meowth has spoken Yiddish, which is already basically all the proof I need as an expert on Jewish Pokemon. But Meowth also complains more than every other character in the entire franchise — over things that most people SHOULD complain about, I should add. If Meowth randomly showed up in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm nobody would bat an eye.

But being the only one real enough to moan when things get extremely dangerous and frustrating? Jewish for sure.

Jewish Pokemon #2: Psyduck

Is this even a question? Psyduck is full of so much existential angst that he continuously suffers from migraines that are strong enough to even impact anyone who dares to stand near him during moments of conflict. Psyduck is basically every Jewish teen that has ever been to a Passover dinner hosted by extended family or had to make a somewhat tough decision, like choosing between an everything bagel or sesame bagel… Imagine being behind Psyduck while in line at a coffee shop.

Jewish Pokemon #3: Golurk

Golett and its evolution Golurk are heavily inspired by Jewish golem. Their Pokedex entry states that an ancient civilization fashioned these Ghost/Ground-type Pokemon from clay and brought them to life — which sounds quite identical to the story of Baltoy. Golurk looks exactly like Golem of Prague, which was created by a rabbi in the 16th century to defend local Jews against antisemitic attacks. It’s now legend that the Golem of Prague sleeps in synagogue attics, ready to reawaken if ever needed.

Jewish Pokemon #6: Sirfetch’d

Honestly, Sirfetch’d is probably the most religious Jewish Pokemon. Bro is holding a lulav — and that’s because he loves to practice Sukkot. Some fellow Jewish Pokemon experts (yes, it’s a thing) have studied Sirfetch’d and its passion for Sukkot — and research says this is definitely a thing, no question. Confirmed: Sirfetch’d is the world’s biggest Sukkot fan.

Let’s just say you better not try to battle Sirfetch’d on Sukkot. In fact, don’t even do anything at all on this day of rest.

Jewish Pokemon #5: Rayquaza

This Legendary Dragon Pokemon is one of my favorites so I was excited to hear that it’s inspired by Ziz, a giant bird from Jewish mythology that is supposed to rule over the skies. Rayquaza is said to protect the ozone layer and act as mediator between Kyogre and Groudon, which is very, very similar to Ziz’s own role in mythology. Also that circle on Rayquaza’s head looks a lot like a yarmulke, let’s be real.

Jewish Pokemon #6: Kadabra

Kadabra is a Psychic Pokemon with telekinetic powers that was inspired by Uri Geller. This automatically makes Kadabra Jewish since Geller is an Israeli magician and self-proclaimed psychic. Also, Abra (its first evolution) and Kadrabra combine to be a phrase in Hebrew that means: “I will create as I speak.”

But I think Kadabra is also Jewish because Geller tried to sue Nintendo when he found out that Pokemon created a monster inspired by him that was cashing in on cards and other collectibles. Jokingly threatening to sue people over minor inconveniences? Very Jewish. Regretting the threat later like when Geller rescinded his complaints over Kadabra? Also Jewish.

Jewish Pokemon #7: Probopass

Remember when Bradley Cooper sported a clearly fake giant schnoz while portraying Leonard Bernstein in Maestro? Yeah, the memes won’t let me forget. I think Bradley Cooper also created this Pokemon, the Probopass. With its oddly large nose, curly hair, and its shtreimel-like hat, it’s clear that someone at the Pokemon Company was inspired by Hasidic Jews if they were in a movie directed by Cooper. It’s not the most flattering portrayal but it’s a fairly alright Pokemon so we’ll claim it for now. Count yourself lucky that we have good self-deprecating humor, Cooper.

Note: Probopass is actually inspired by Moai statues on Easter Island. Allegedly.

Jewish Pokemon #8: Pikachu

This is solely because of the “Pika-Jew” meme that I saw all over Israel when I visited. I actually went home with a Pika-Jew shirt, which featured the popular mascot wearing a tallis and rocking a big beard. That’s all.

Which Pokemon do you think are Jewish? Does Jigglypuff remind you of your cousin who wouldn’t stop hogging the mic during karaoke at the Bat Mitzvah? Think Greavard lights the Menorah every night of Hanukkah? We’re here for it.